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  1. Hi all, an update for the IndiaFoxtEcho SU-31 is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog - fixed minor glitch in the animation of the ailerons, causing them not to be perfectly aligned to the wing at rest in VC - fixed scaling issue in the elevator geometry when viewed from the cockpit - revised CG limits for the Weight And Balance interface - lowered volume of mechanical sound effects inside the cockpit (user request) - vastly increased volume of engine sounds at high RPM (user request) - minor tweaks to fuselage dynamic parameters - redone all thumbnails - slight reduction in drag coefficient - added missing special effects reference node in VC model - fixed electrical systems needles (now reports bus voltage) - fuel selector is now set to WING TANK upon loading the aircraft - increased polycount of rear fuselage section in virtual cockpit
  2. Hi all, The latest updates for PACX by TFDi is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: 1.2.20 (03 May 2022) [FIXED] Crash during boarding under certain circumstances 1.2.19 (28 April 2022) [ADDED] Option to separate headset and speaker audio [ADDED] Ability to continue a flight line [ADDED] FSLabs Airbus seatbelt sign support [ADDED] Popup to indicate when records are initially loading [ADDED] In-Flight Entertainment System [ADDED] Option to select if a customs card is required on a per-flight basis [ADDED] Cabin preview to start flight menu [ADDED] Ability to filter flight records by active, archived, or no career [FIXED] Temperatures above 99 degrees not being properly announced [FIXED] Flight number 100 not being announced properly [FIXED] Fixed ##00 flight numbers not being announced (1500, 2500, etc.) [FIXED] Incorrect name selection when airport continent is incorrect [FIXED] Events relating to crossing 10,000 feet happening off-schedule [FIXED] Short delays causing the delay apology announcement [FIXED] Cabin ready check/notification not working under various conditions [FIXED] Formatting issues in name files causing PACX to crash on load [FIXED] Greeting not playing if the flight number cannot be spoken [FIXED] Excessive resource usage and instability relating to hardware input code [FIXED] OutOfMemory crash for users with large amounts of records [CHANGED] Updated PACXBridge C++ libraries to 2022 [CHANGED] PACXBridge now creates a log file [CHANGED] Moved user documentation to online system [CHANGED] Changed requirements to switch to the deboarding phase slightly [CHANGED] Improved wording of cockpit descent announcement [CHANGED] Updated dependencies [CHANGED] Optimized records system to reduce memory usage and load time [CHANGED] Removed tooltips from menu buttons and passenger status icons [CHANGED] Updated .NET to 4.8 [CHANGED] Cabin to cockpit interactions now use the "headset" audio device [CHANGED] Momentary engine state changes are now ignored
  3. I mentioned to them this very thing, will see if my counterpart there may be away.
  4. Hi all, a couple of updates from Sim Skunk Works is now available on Orbx Central. SSW FRF 104 G UPDATE 1.2.0 SSW TF-104 G UPDATE 3.2.0 RELEASE NOTES: Sim update 9 introduced a code break or bug related with afterburner, fuel flow and throttle position. This results in a fuel flow cut above 10K feet when afterburner is lighted and throttle above 99%, reducing RPM down to idle. It affects also models that do not use the new fuel system and also even if they do not use afterburner. The code break or bug was partially fixed restoring an old engine model without native afterburner, this does not affect flight envelope that remains still valid as before. It has been necessary modify both engine and flight model to achieve such result. It has been reported that the fix does work for majority of joysticks but not all however. Therefore issue should be considered mitigated but not fixed at 100%, as soon as ASOBO will fix above mentioned code break or bug, we will release a new version with the native afterburner restored. NOTE It may happen that users should set a +1% up to +3% of dead zone on "upper extremity dead zone" of joystick L-AXIS Z to completely solve the issue, this should be done to avoid throttle to reach 100% that triggers the issue.
  5. Hi all, An update for FlyTampa KBOS is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Runway and taxiway bumps reduced VRAM reduced by approx 400mb Many performance optimizations Added Jetway LODs More Airline codes added to gates Fixed Return to Menu CTD Many visual tweaks
  6. It will be available early this coming week.
  7. None unfortunately, still waiting for them to confirm and get back to me.
  8. Hi all, an update for REX Weather Force is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog FIXED - Compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator ( FIXED – Immediate snow fading. FIXED – Snow reduction process and moved independent process. FIXED – Inaccurate temperatures and winds aloft. FIXED – Precipitation not rendering within the flight simulator. FIXED – Clouds not disappearing over time. FIXED – Rapid pressure changes at surface and aloft. IMPROVED – Favorite airport data updates. IMPROVED – Cloud frame rate hit by adding additional performance option UPGRADED – Data transfer code from Webservices to Web API.
  9. Can you try deleting the content.xml and restarting as this was not seen during testing.
  10. I'll check with them as I have not been officially advised as yet, thanks for the heads-up.
  11. The road alignments with the bridge are troublesome so best efforts are being made with the SHB.
  12. I wish I could pull those strings. MS does use what is available and I guess the data for the Gold Coast is dated as you say. That building we couldn't get to sit correctly amongst all the photogrammetry and had to be left out unfortunately.
  13. Hi all, an update is now available for SoFly Landing Challenge Pro on Orbx Central. Changelog: Fixes a few runway assignment issues due to the sim updates SU9 compatibility
  14. Hi all, an update for the Sim Skunk Works TF-104 G Starfighter is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: New sounds (internal) Kneeboard added Gunsight, ground speed error readout, simple HUD added as easter eggs Q7 Martin-Baker seat added on 2 new liveries Documentation revised Fixed bug on throttle axis Fixed bug on TAL NUMBER customization
  15. Hi all, an update is now available on Orbx Central for the IndiaFoxtEcho Su-31. Changelog: - Changed engine gills outlet painting - Increased smoke effect persistence and tweaked transparency and size - Fixed engine sounds cones orientation - Fixed position of wheel chocks - Fixed throttle lever animation length - Fixed minor misalignment in wing texturing - Fixed minor modeling alignment in wing tip geometry
  16. Sydney update is entering testing now, so not too long now, thanks.
  17. Hi all, an update for the IRIS Tutor is now available on ORbx Central. Changelog Interior and Exterior models corrected to remove ‘double aircraft’ bug in cockpit. LODs refined to address above. Engine.cfg adjusted to allow for engine start on SU8. Textures optimized for improved performance.
  18. Hi all, an update for SWS Vans-RV14 is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Fixed floating strobe light behind rudder Corrections to the electrical system Fixed broken IAS/FLC function on autopilot Fixed ALT FIELD circuit breaker Deactivated SPARE 1 breaker Fixed SPARE 2 circuit breaker that turned off the Attitude indicator Fixed unhideable pilot Connected ESI500 to GTN750 Tied autopilot altimetre to left G3X screen Fixed G3X not dimming Fixed AI aircraft height on ground Code cleanup Also should mention as we neglected to in the announcement. Orbx Central has been set up to switch between the 3 GTN panel options through the control panel.
  19. Hi all, an update for FSimStudios CYTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is now available on Orbx Central. CHANGELOG: - Resizing of the CN Tower to match the perspective of the Toronto Skyline. - New Lighting system on the CN Tower - Added LODs to the CN Tower - Texture Improvements to buildings Downtown - New "Compatibility Mode" with RomanDesign's Greater Toronto Area Enhancement Pack - Adding 3D people around and inside the buildings. - Recent changes to airport markings. - Adding options to deactivate the terminal interiors. - Other minor fixes and additions
  20. Its a Library that is installed for you automatically, edit the pages to reflect that. You can download it before, I believe you can find under My Products in Orbx Central towards the buttom.
  21. Hi all, an update for REX AccuSeason is now available on Orbx Central. Version 6.1.2022.0331 FIXED – Enhanced content installer with additional material. ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Australia and New Zealand in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons. ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Southern Argentina and Chile including the Patagonia region in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons. ADDED – New content for the AccuSeason Enhancements section: St. Barts. ADDED – Cherry blossom trees in Japan for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  22. HI all, an update for the Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog for 1.4.0 1. Electrical issue has been resolved for SU8. Previous fix no longer worked and now is working. Tested on 2 separate flights from full tanks to no tanks. We recommend you not fly with the landing light on though! 2. CLick spots for pilot removal and flaps have been revised to allow for an easier use of the fuel tanks.
  23. Hi all, a couple of updates from FlyTampa are now available on Orbx Central. Changelogs: YSSY 1.7.0 - More bumpy taxiway fixes LGAV 1.2.0 - Fixes incorrect runway hold signs
  24. Hi all, an update for the Big Radials Grumman Goose is now available on Orbx Central. Version 1.0.2a including the hotfix for LODs. Full changelog Blank livery needed in package -Found in PaintKit folder inside aircraft folder Ski Version - GPS and transponder not displaying on the ski variant either: bug -Confirmed working now. GNS530 popout enhancement -fixed Rain on the left pilot window moves in the wrong direction -fixed misaligned hole texture on overhead strut -fixed texture problem on top of the door frame in rear bulkhead -fixed pilot figures removed from the cockpit if the pilot station weights are zeroed -Added viz based on station weight. Starters will crank the engines over with batteries off. -Added a condition checking for battery master ON Gyro Pilot Issues bug -fixed, added heading hold select and arm Position Light switch reverse of what the label suggests -Made as per blueprint. -Its a derivation of STEADY (up) OFF (middle) FLASH (down). -They probably reused the same kind of labels, removing the flash portion of it, hence, keeping the OFF position in the middle of the lable, making it "up" in our case. Gear Warning light dim bug
  25. As everyone has had the opportunity to command respond, I will close this thread. I have spoken with the developer who has informed me that he has had trouble with the current terrain profile tools to achieve a smooth runway profile plus the embankment on the edge. Regardless, he will continue to experiment with other methods. It’s also clear that customers have very different expectation levels for scenery. The product description and screenshots clearly reflect what is being offered and for many the price point represents value and they are content with their purchase.
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