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  1. Happy New Year to everyone! May the new year be prosperous , exciting and bring everyone good health and happiness!
  2. Merry Christmas to you lain, May you and yours enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season!
  3. Merry Christmas to all and the ORBX Staff! Great video’s! All be safe!
  4. Before I retired from the police department, a few of the younger (newer) officers would often ask for advice relating to succeeding as a young officer (what do they need to watch out for and such). We had a policy within the department that each shift would pick up their relief. One morning, a young officer picked me up for the daylight shift and asked such a question. I told him the best advice I could give him was to make sure that I was wearing pants when I exited my home and headed for the car. I got the proverbial deer in the headlights look from the officer. I ended our conversation with, “you just never know.”
  5. People believe what they want to believe, what satisfies their curiosity, inhibitions or gives them a basis or need to believe in something. What makes sense is, the vastness of the universe would seemingly produce life in many forms, whether life as we know it, or lesser/more advanced. One thing is certain. Any other life forms that may exist, that may have chosen to visit us in some way, would certainly soon thereafter run screaming back into the darkness, only realizing that what was found here is a warlike population of beings that have no qualms about needlessly killing each other or finding new ways to accomplish the task. And if you are wondering, not on any medication here (prescribed or not) nor have I imbibbed any alcohol (though I am certainly considering doing so), it just amazes me that as advanced as we feel we as a society are, we just can’t seem to get past where we have been for so many years. It is what it is, I guess, but think about it. If you were an outsider arriving here, would you stay or be that brief flash of light into the night sky that so many claim to see? Just sayin..............
  6. Well I lived most of my life in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Spent a year in San Antonio, TX and another three years in Augusta, GA. My wife and I have traveled about either on the Harley or on several cruises. I’m satisfied! It is interesting to read where others have lived.
  7. Well, from the comfort of my recliner I can tell ‘Alexa’ to change the television channel, raise or lower the thermostat and turn on various lights throughout my home, compile a shopping or to do list (that a rarely ever follow) or to tell me a joke if I really get bored. I can also use my fob to start my vehicle, so it warms up in bone chilling weather. Also, again from the comfort of my recliner, I can use my iPad to endlessly float through various forums or search the internet for anything and everything. However I still have to tell my wife, “get dinner ready woman!” (If any of you try this, let me know how it worked out for you)
  8. Sorry Nick, thought I had listed the ICAO (KAGS). Pretty big lake isn’t it.
  9. I flew out of Busch Field Regional, Augusta, GA. About 21 nm north west of the airport is the Clark Hill Lake. Highway 221 crosses over the Savannah River (highway goes over the dam there), part of the lake is in Georgia and part in South Carolina. There is no lake there in FSXSE, usng FTX Base and Vector. Found it odd, it’s not a small lake, about 1200 mi of shore line. The Savannah river just kind of ends in the general area. Is this something that can be addressed? Using the Flight 1 GTN 750, I put myself in the area of the widest part of the lake, the lake was nowhere to be found, just trees.
  10. Happy New Year lain and all the ORBX STAFF, also all members of the forums! Best wishes to you and your families.
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