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  1. Thanks John. It is now August 8th, still nothing available. I guess what frustrates me is if you buy direct from a dev you get an email or some other way to update. When buying from a third party, it takes quite a while. Same thing occurred with the Kodiak.
  2. Why hasn’t this update been made available to customers who purchased the C310R on Orbx? They email customers that purchase directly from them
  3. Hi, recently purchased this aircraft on Orbx Direct. It's listed as Version 1.1.0. Did this include the service pack (SP1) that Blackbird had upgraded their C310R too? If not, how would I get it? I see where others had been notified via email that it was available to download, but they had purchased it through Blackbird. Thanks
  4. So sorry to hear this. Neil helped me out on two of my home airports (KAGC and KFWQ), doing a beautiful rendition of both. My thoughts and prayers go out to Neil and his family. He will be missed! Soar in in the clouds brother!
  5. Hi Neil, Just last night I noticed one in my area. Somerset County, I believe it is 2G9. The highway runs through a portion of the apron on the one end of the airport. Traffic runs through the area behind the fence. wblackret
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