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  1. I have it set so that any email containing the words 'released for X-Plane 11' goes straight to junk. Sorted!
  2. For the record, Nick, you're quite right. The Hobbs meter does not work! It does show willing though, the 'tenths' digit flicks from 1 to 0 continuously.
  3. I really must hone my comedy skills. I was kidding. I know what it is, I just never bothered with them.
  4. To be honest Nick, I have NEVER looked at a Hobbs meter in my life. If one came and poked me in the eye I wouldn't be any the wiser. The only thing I did was to use Doug Dawson's sound dll (renamed it orbsnd.dll and 'everything' works. By that I mean the aircraft operates as it always did, nothing seems to be missing, What does a Hobbs meter do anyway? Where would I find it? I'm now going to start obsessing about it! Thanks for that.
  5. In case I upset anyone I'll PM you. Although it must be an open secret.
  6. I shall be flying my IV-P this evening and Saturday evening online in P3Dv4.4. It has been a favourite of mine since FSX and has transitioned to P3Dv3 onwards. P3Dv5 may break it but it's a tough old bird and won't be easily discouraged.
  7. It is. I just did it. I had W7 Pro and in a moment of 'What can I do now?' I went on Microsoft's website and downloaded the MediaCreationTool. Put it on a USB stick and clicked 'Go' A few glitches with drivers but relatively painless. And FREE update to W10 Pro EDIT: It also backs up your W7 install should W10 make you want to puke.
  8. That looks as though the stellar work carried out by FTXC is being undermined. Remember when you had to make sure you were flying in the correct area? I've uninstalled TEGB for the time being. It's not as if I'm a 'All settings hard right' man.
  9. This must make EU Wales redundant yes? OK to uninstall it? Saves around 3+GB. Or will Cardiff be affected?
  10. I can't join it... 'cos I've got everything. 'snot fair. Which Facebook now has in it's grubby paws. You're not. By a long chalk.
  11. We had already colonised, your lot just got snotty about it. Now get your boat off our loch before the Scots put their oar in.
  12. What the heck are American patrol boats doing on Loch Ness?
  13. Monster would likely be upset at the intrusion of the military and sink said armed patrol boat. Microlight much safer.
  14. I haven't the foggiest idea why I started doing this, but I found myself in FTXC 'Verifying files'. Although every region and airport said it was up to date, an amazing number of them downloaded amounts varying from 100MBs to 320MBs! So I trawled though the WHOLE library. I began to wish I'd kept score because a majority of regions downloaded significant amounts and airports, once again, a whole bunch of them downloaded in the region of 30-40MBs. I am borderline OCD about updates and do keep a weather eye out for them, so I pretty sure I haven't missed any. One to ponder perhaps.
  15. 3.16 GB! Now that's what I call an update.
  16. Y'know, I've always run the automatic AEC largely because I've never been sure if you DISable an airport because of an elevation issue or ENable because of an elevation issue
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