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  1. According to the status in MSFS, 2 of my airfields are not installed. Is this still a glitch and really they are? If this is the case, what happens when an update is due? Will I only see this in Central? I have attached a file showing how I have checked the 2 airfields under the "not installed" catagory, yet there is no download amount box shown (as usual in the bottom right).
  2. OK, I will go in the Sim and check. Too many ill and dying people around me, so my simming time is a bit rare (not a joke).
  3. What an unusual way to do things. OK, thanks. I have understood and successfully done this.
  4. I have an Orbx account, and have had for a very long time. I havent been active in the forum area. But I had just noticed that there is a block at the top of the Forum page to COMPLETE MY PROFILE as part of the Next Step: Required Profile Information. So, I simply wanted to do this.
  5. Hi. Where do I get such an ID from to complete my profile here? Thanks.
  6. I have enjoyed being able to have a map showing all available products and especially showing those I own in a special way - back with FSX and now with MSFS. I like to print out the map and have it for reference - but the colors are too dark and this of course doesn´t look good and uses too much dark ink. Would you please give us the option on this page to make the background white and the text black and you can leave the blue, grey and red circles as they are. If an option is one programming step too many, then please just opt for the lighter background. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. I have purchased 4 airports thus far. All 4 are listed in Central, but only 2 are listed in the sim. All are up to date. Is this normal?
  8. You should include maps here - those showing every available airfield and terrain area by ORBX geographical areas as well as showing highlighted entries for those products owned by each customer (much like the way I can see on your product list which I own and which I do not). This would allow us to 1) see what is available 2) be able to find new airfields near to ones we already own so we could find appropriate places to fly to 3) see at a glance which areas we currently own (because these would be highlighted) to be able to plan flights to our favorite most detailed airfields/areas. You had these in the past, as evidenced by these 2 sample maps, which I had had way back in 2015 or so.
  9. I agree with this entirely. FAR in the past, 2014-15 or so, I was somehow able to print out a map of all of the ORBX geographical areas showing all of the available airfields. This allowed me to pick out other airports near the ones that I already had as well as providing a handy reference to see where I could, in detail, start from. In the meantime you also have national parks and special terrain areas. Having such maps would be an indispensable aid to your customers.
  10. I have MANY products from orbx. I have been inactive for a long time. Now I have made a parallel installation of FSX-FSX steam. I of course cannot confirm my license with the defunct seller. So, how can I use my license data and get the products onto my new computer? Thanks.
  11. I am having the same problems, now flying over Southern Germany from Rothenburg to Nürnberg. Who can help us? I have just installed Europe - until now none of these problems had been present. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202563653109372&set=a.10202563652949368.1073741829.1137624956&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202563653109372&set=a.10202563652949368.1073741829.1137624956&type=3&theater
  12. I have both FTX Global and Vector and Australia full now updated to SP4. Is it a good idea to add AU Mesh to this mixture? Will this enhance AUS even further? Thanks.
  13. Look at the picture - it says it all! A fluke? What has caused this? Pictures taken 7km NE of KGCN just North of the Hualpa Tank, course 016.
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