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  1. Do be aware that Experience install itself next time you update. The option to not install it is greyed out. Next time make sure the Optimise button is unticked before you uninstall it.
  2. Which ones are listed and which are missing? I've a feeling you are looking under 'Orbx' for something that may be 'Gaya'. Just a thought.
  3. Just to rub it in, whenever I see posts that state 'v2468 driver ruined my sim' my first thought is 'You've been putting your sticky fingers where they've no right to be.'
  4. Aaand. In over 10 years of flight simming I have never seen one iota of difference between one driver and the next. Ever.
  5. Too clever for it's own good as my old Mum used to say. First job when installing new NVidia drivers is to UNinstall GeForce Experience
  6. You give me hope. I'm bracing myself for 80 in July.
  7. I went ahead and deleted LOWI from the Content manager and while I was at it a rush of blood to the head made me delete all those 'How to' bits, you know, land, take off, blow your nose etc. Later when I turned on the sim there was an unannounced (Well, I didn't see one) update. OMG! What have I done? Well it didn't reinstall everything but it did delete my nice loading screen picture. (Got fed up with staring at the arse end of a C172)
  8. Tried it, couldn't see any difference. That was using the .XML method. I'll now delete it via the Content manager.
  9. Not just me then. I'm not sure Asobo know how to do a partial update. i.e. upload the files that have been changed or are new. Having said that, I've not noticed any downside to having another Innsbruck underneath the proper one. I'll give it a go.
  10. That's interesting. What are the chances it gets reinstalled at the next update? Thus causing an unholy cock-up. I'm thinking you've already done this Nick and lived through two updates?
  11. Addon Linker should be law (Laws have been made for stupider things)
  12. Way back in this thread Nick said 'Orbx products go through a 'process' when being sold on the Market place. I wouldn't mind having a half a crown on Microsoft cocking up perfectly good Orbx gear during this 'process'. A friend is suffering the same as the rest of you Marketplace shoppers, whilst the two of use trying to help him have no problems whatsoever! We, of course /smug mode on, bought through Orbx Central \smug mode off. Would it be lovely if you could transfer those purchases to Orbx Central? Lesson to be learned. Buy direct from developers. 2c
  13. Thanks Doug. It was only one of those things you latch on to when you;re bored.
  14. They've already been uninstalled but the entries are still there, albeit greyed out. Don't worry about it. It was just a thought.
  15. Not sure what you said Smudger. I know about the seasons. Are you saying there is a way of clearing the decks? If so, do tell.
  16. For instance, I have, in my collection England, Wales and Scotland regions. Also I have GB Central, North and South True Earths. The latter renders the former redundant, so would it be possible to remove the former from the list, in the interests of keeping a tidy house?
  17. I have to disagree with you Toto. Mine works just fine and I also use the hatswitch for trimming. The only thing I've found to be amiss is the stall characteristics....There are none! Do you use a different controller for it? I, for instance, use a Thrustmaster Warthog fot planes with sticks and a yoke foe yoked planes. Could it be a conflict of control inputs. Which would be my first port of call.
  18. It is strange, given that your settings and preferences are stored in the upper atmosphere somewhere. In the beginning, for reasons I cannot recall, I had to do a complete reinstall. I braced myself to have to redo all the controls etc. all over again. But hallelujah! When I fired up the sim ALL the settings were as I left them. Make no mistake, this was a root and branch reinstall.
  19. While I agree with you Nick, (I've not got rid of any sims...yet) the more one uses MFS the harder it is to go back to P3D. I was never really one for staring out the window whilst flying, but now...Can't stop!
  20. I've just now finished flying to and from Wycombe and now I know you've nailed it. If this kind of standard keeps up I for one will be a very happy bunny. Pilotplus? Never 'eard of 'em. Hope we hear more of them. Stapleford?
  21. I've just looked at Wycombe on Google Earth. I must say you seem to have nailed it! You could have used a better aircraft for the screen shot than that bloody awful Bonanza! What were they thinking?
  22. For £5 I wouldn't dare complain about anything. Speeding cars? Give 'em a ticket, make a few bucks.
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