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  1. It doesn't. It's an Aerosoft/LimeSim scenery. ( Orbx's partnership)
  2. If you see a couple of those little guys, you will have a good idea where you are.
  3. https://orbxdirect.com/ Scroll all the way to the botton
  4. They working on it: And from our Indies, we have the following that are in deep development: KAVX Catalina for MSFS (Ken & Tim) ENTO Torp for P3D (Finn) KVNY Van Nuys for P3D & MSFS (Matteo). ✅ LIPH Treviso for MSFS (Matteo) SBSP São Paulo for MSFS (Matteo) ESSB Stockholm Bromma for MSFS & P3D (Marcus) Of course, as always remember: " ... we know in flight sim (and in life!) things can change fast, so we reserve the right to modify the list and the sequence, so best to keep checking our “coming soon” page to be up to date with what is coming next. " Source:
  5. No release date or pricing information was shared, but i imagine it won’t be far off before it’s released.
  6. Did you install Orbx Scenery library for XP11 from Orbx Direct?
  7. There is not available for FSX. KEYW = Available for XP-11 and MSFS LYTV= Available for MSFS, P3Dv4 and v5
  8. There is a GSX profile but it's not compatible with FSX, sorry.
  9. Orbx True Earth Great Britain South includes : - VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, castles, stadiums and lighthouses - Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs. But NOT London City Airport. This is a separate product, and you can find it here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/eglc Now is a great time to buy it because This product is discounted by 40% with the March Madness Sale 2021 - 40%.
  10. Pura vida ! Best wishes, Carlos
  11. $44.95 AUD US$35.38 | €29,19 | £25.24 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only PRECIO EN EUROS son estimados solamente varian de acuerdo al cambio diario vigente.-
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