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  1. wain71, Yep, I hear you. I have nice V5 set up as well. That said i like what I see in V6 and living in Canada, having all these Cdn airports is great. Couple that with Active Sky for V6 and it is a great experience. Just have the Majestic Dash 8 add-on in V6 at the moment and hoping at some point to see other aircraft become available. Apparently the Learjet 25/28 from extreme prototypes is not that far away.
  2. As to nothing really available in V6.....There are many good quality Canadian airports available for V6 from coast to coast and up into the high arctic from SimAddOns. I am looking forward to when Orbx releases theirs.
  3. So sorry to hear this. I'm a cat guy too.
  4. Hi Nick, No response from your accounting section was ever received.
  5. Bought a few things on sale yesterday. Did the process for purchase and hit PAY and nothing happened for some time and then a message came up saying it could not find my cart. However the cart was still showing as before purchase. So, I clicked off as it was the only way to exit the page, did the process again. same result. Then for the heck of it i checked the store where you can download things you've bought and there they were, available for download. I was/am concerned I might have been billed twice or worse........ Normally I get an immediate notification of a credit card transaction and this time did not get one. Sent a message then to Support but no response yet. Definitely concerning.
  6. How well modeled is the PT6-34? Are there any RW pilots who have this machine? Many moons ago I flew the E-110 with the -34 for a couple of years. Proper engine modelling in a sim really adds to immersion imho.
  7. Has anyone checked out the general aviation area at the north end of CYYZ? Curious as to detail. Thanks.
  8. Anyone else having a problem trying to make a purchase through PayPal?
  9. The magnetic north pole is south of the physical north pole. It's located in Canada north of Resolute Bay (CYRB). As far north as i flew personally was Resolute. Did medivacs out of Iqaluit (CCYFB) on Baffin Island - month in, month out - with a king air200 in the late 1990s and Resolute was a far north as we'd go. You can get large difference in variation in a short time depending on your routing so that's why flight planning is done in degrees true. In the 200 the company had installed (in addition to an astro compass) a Sperry HSi that was said to precess less than a degree per hour. Factor in convergence and you had a great tool for high arctic flying. When lined up on the runway before takeoff you'd adjust the HSI to the true heading of the runway. Other than Iqaluit which used degrees magnetic till 40nm out everything was degrees true. Id set my Sperry hsi in true and the F/Os in magnetic in case atc on departure needed to separate traffic by VOR separation. Once into airspace using degrees true he/she would then reset their hsi to true. It was good flying there. Baffin is mountainous and back then before gps for approaches was commonly available most approaches were an NDB - the community airport NDBs back then were powerful.......though all used the gps for backup, wink, wink....if enough satellites were present. The last time I was up there was 2011 when employed by the fed gov't and as part of my duties when I could get out of the office was flying a king air 90 which was equipped well. Retired now. Would have liked to seen Antarctica as the company had work there.
  10. For difficult to read VFR maps/charts you should give Canada a try, in winter, north of the tree line. First time i did that was in the late 1970s in my rotary wing days long before gps. That said sometimes the machines would have an ADF and sometimes they actually worked.
  11. Never really considered this product but maybe I will have to have another look at it. Never used simbrief either and maybe it's time to look at it too.
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