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  1. Superb shots, love the wake effect on the Goose
  2. Magic combo, the weather is perfect in these
  3. Very cool shots, Electra fits in well, will give Bryce an update after I finish my latest project, holding out for SDK updates and improved tools to add some real nice effects.
  4. Tremendous shots, got all the right angles
  5. Great work Pete, Ive found that the MSFS realtime weather is improving all the time and the transitions from one area to another are seamless and very realistic, I've been doing many online flights with the guys and it's amazing how it changes from one area to the next, gives a real feel of travelling to a different location. The next update promises to take it up another notch again. thanks for the amazing comparison shot it makes the effort all worth while to think that you guys have got a real feeling of what the place is like. cheers Ken
  6. great screenies Pete, tar pits, flintstone Bonanzas(sure to be a rocky ride) and and amusing story to tie it all together, SU999 fixing shifting craters on the Moon, re-entry burns malfunctioning, not as far fetched as it sounds.
  7. Awesome shot Pete, amazing how far flight sims have progressed and how much farther they will go, our planet is an amazing place and flying to these places is the next best thing to actually being there.
  8. Great background story Pete, those shots capture that northern twilight lighting. I can jump into those shots and get the feeling of being in that remarkable part of the world.
  9. Superb colours Pete, are these your own shaders, if so you have absolutely nailed it.
  10. Tim would know if this bush is one of his , it may be one of the msfs lib objects, I would reinstall msfs, overnight is the way I upgrade mine, uninstall, the base package, rename your community folder and delete the official folder, then go to the store and reinstall, finally rename your community folder back to community. Last resort remove Catalina and reinstall
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