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Community Answers

  1. Jaw droppers,stunning lighting
  2. Love the Shearman, looks at home in these shots, very atmospheric.
  3. stunning, msfs is a winner , all thats needed is a skilled photographer and we have heaps of those on these forums, congrats Adam
  4. Rippers, the apartments shots are excellent , the fisherman’s wharf shot is my favourite, thanks for sharing
  5. Great flight, well captured with superb shots
  6. How did I miss this, corker of a shot
  7. We will miss you Pete, come back anytime it’s always a pleasure viewing your screenshots. I did think about adding some dirt on top of those glorious tiles but I just couldn’t do it, so I polished them up a bit instead. great story telling, I didn’t know about the widows walk, great research, reminds us just how tough times were for sailors of yesteryear.
  8. Someone found the restaurant at two harbours, it is there in real life, the Wrigley Dive Centre with its own wharf, that aircon is part on the asobo autogen houses
  9. Beauties, I love to see pilots exploring, finding all the stuff we labour over hoping you guys find it, even better when you take the time to share your experience with great screenshots, don’t stop there as there are many wharfs jetties and points of interest scattered from one end of the island to the other just waiting to be found. Thank you for taking the time to explore and especially for sharing so others get to enjoy the journey. cheers Ken
  10. Well spotted, MSFS uses AI to calculate everything from pebbles, grass, trees, outhouse, henhouse, sh..house building, boat from the PR, sometimes it has a meltdown and what you see there is an example, if hasn’t learnt to recognise fuel tanks laying horizontal. So it went for long skinny houses, once it learns that long skinny houses are incorrect it will hopefully choose fuel storage tanks, it is learning all the time so there is hope. Love that sunrise shot, Catalinas landscape is great for these early morning,evening shots as the sparse vegetation exposes the ground to reflect the colours magnificently. cheers
  11. greatstuff I love the chimetowers shot especially, well done to notice the texture of those tiles, full marks
  12. Great stuff, the Goose looks at home
  13. Thanks Pete, Avalon comes alive at night, especially with that sunset awesome shots, the nautilus is not just another yellow sub, glad you found it.
  14. redefines wake turbulance, love the harbour shots and Pebbly beach getting some love, thanks Pete
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