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  1. no Pony, but we have some geese and chickens, and a real hotty sitting on the recliner on the FBO verandah
  2. no 1 is a winner some amazing shots pete
  3. I think Nicks method is easier, glad you got it sorted, sometimes it is hard to see both versions together, I had inside knowledge and knew what to look for, a dead giveaway is Avalon Harbour, the msfs version has very little detail, and our version I feel has much more going on at the airport itself, Tim did an outstanding version of the airport building, and it stuck out like a sore thumb having the Asobo superimposed on top of it, also our palm trees are better, not to mention some very attractive ladies.
  4. ok . go to your msfs folder/Official/OneStore scroll down till you find microsoft-airport-kavx-catalina then delete it cheers
  5. Hi Jack, great shot, but on closer inspection it looks like you have both versions, if you bought the Orbx version you will need to uninstall the asobo version in the content manager. cheers Ken
  6. start with the standard Jack, the Orbx stuff and our partners that is anything on the Orbx site is better quality tthan the standard and upgraded airprts, the chancellor from flysimware is awesome it has two 750's alsothe Milviz 310 is great, no need to race out and buy straight away take your time ,exploreand enjoy the immersion,if you have VR even better, I have the G2 and it blows me away, so much online flying as well I fly with 2 groups and on average 4 nights a week, anything from 737's to bush planes in PNG, were doing a tourof GB at the moment, warbirds over Indonesia, deliverinf F1 racers in the redbull 73 following the world F1 tour. cheers Ken
  7. Top shots Pete, saw both faces, who ya gonna call, we’re ready to believe you
  8. thanks for the compliment and the great shots, Tim did an awesome job here as well cheers Ken
  9. just what the doctor ordered, thanks Pete, as always beautiful shots.
  10. Superb shots, love the wake effect on the Goose
  11. Magic combo, the weather is perfect in these
  12. Very cool shots, Electra fits in well, will give Bryce an update after I finish my latest project, holding out for SDK updates and improved tools to add some real nice effects.
  13. Tremendous shots, got all the right angles
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