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  1. your welcome Graham, great shots and thanks for sharing cheers Ken
  2. superb set, surprised you got the Pitts into those strips. thanks for sharing cheers Ken
  3. fantastic set , you have a great eye for screenshots, brilliant. Thanks for sharing these. cheers Ken
  4. Another great set T, even better than the 1st set, glad your finding your way around, easy to get lost up there. Thanks for taking the time to share these. cheers Ken
  5. another great set TT. That tower is most likely used for observation, but lack of elerticity procludes it as an airport control tower. A lot of the model placement is a combination of photos scrounged from various sources and good ol artistic licence, I was a landscape artist for years painting Australian scenes in oils and I learnt early on that when painting a picture requires carefull repositioning and exclusion and adding in parts to improve the composition, with so little information to go on I rely on my artistic licence and a what would most likely be there approach, earlier strips I did like Tapini Kokoda and Guari which are in the microsoft airports list now I had great photos and was able to get very close to real life, but somehow I like these better as I am free to improvise when I think it will fit in and improve the experience. Anyway I'm glad your enjoying them. In case you didn't notice there is an update out for Pack 2 I notice some rocks were missing , so I fixed that yesterday and Version 1.01 is ready to download on Orbx Central now. thanks again for showing the strips off I really do get a buzz from seeing peoples screenshots and reading their comments. cheers Ken
  6. Thanks again TTM, you take a great screenshot, you still have 5 more challenges ahead of you, looking forward to seeing your screenshots of your next flight. cheers Ken
  7. Thanks TTM, you should be a writer, such a beautiful description, really love the bit about the corrugated Iron and rust. cheers Ken
  8. thats a placeholder guys, the real price will be a fraction of that
  9. Thanks for the enquire, I have most off the freeware strips also, they will clash. To prevent this just remove the freeware duplicates, the freeware bundles usually have each strip listed separately, just delete the ones that clash, for the strips that can’t be separated you will need to remove the pack. However the next and future packages will be an extension of the existing area and more than likely will replace the ones you deleted. I will be increasing the size of the packs to about 7 strips for the same price and hopefully include a large percentage of PNG strips, including West Papua. cheers Ken
  10. Superb shots, the locals added for extra immersion Try to stay of the menu cheers Ken
  11. Great story, the locals tell me " You tasted a lot like chicken" Thanks T. cheers Ken
  12. Beautifull shots Ikbenk, thank you. Already started on more strips, these screenshots are great motivation to keep going with the Packs Cheers Ken
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