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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Landon. I have to tell you that is one serious drool worthy monitor...basically 3 in 1...I am very impressed! I priced them here in Oz and $2300AU. For the moment, my Acer 34" curved will do me. Cheers Condor
  2. You are certainly a wealth of information Landon. Just as a matter of interest, what monitor are you using? Thanks Paul
  3. I'm getting 65 fps at the airport and around the city. No stutters whatsoever.
  4. Thank you everyone for your assistance. I checked out the general options screen and the data connection was "OFF"....don't know how that happened but thanks bvdboomen. That marketplace is huge!!
  5. Sorry about the confusion guys. I have included a pic of the image on the Asobo Welcome screen/Profile/Options etc. It's got me beat. I've downloaded quite a number of airports etc over the past 12 months or so... Thanks
  6. This question may have been answered already, but I have noticed the marketplace download section on MSFS 2020 being "unavailable" for over 2 weeks. Does anybody here have any heads up on this matter? Thanks
  7. I bought Skiathos a couple of days ago and I think it looks just fine. I tried to land the Junkers 52 recently and tapped the brakes too hard....not a good look
  8. My first computer was an Amstrad in 1989, CGA 14" monitor with 4 magic colours. At the time I thought it was great!! I remember it cost $2600.00 which back in the day was a lot of money.
  9. Think you've covered everything there Lord F....onya
  10. That's amazing. I've been around computers and flight siming since about 1988. I remember buying my first Combat Sim called "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe". I really enjoyed all the pixelated graphics. Paul
  11. That's a pretty good innings John. How long have you been flight simming? Paul
  12. Have a good one John. All the best on your birthday.
  13. Well thanks guys for a resounding YES....appreciate all your input. Looks like a set of pedals on the way. Thanks again.
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