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  1. Thanks guys. I really believe that reading your kind comments and thoughts here helps me to heal.. knowing that you guys care is powerful medicine.. Thanks again. Terry.
  2. What a great thread.. I only saw it today as I have been offline for quite a while.. a thoroughly enthralling read..I hope it can be kept going..Teecee.
  3. Thanks Ken, Much appreciated..Terry.
  4. Well lad, I am still alive and kicking, currently with dose of pneumonia in both lungs, but knowing of the support here helps me enormously, and guess what, I actually took a flight yesterday out of and around Alice..magic.. Thanks again lads..Terry.
  5. Got an email from ken re this thread, and just took a look (first time online for a while..) Thanks for your kind thoughts lads, it gave me a big boost to know that there are those our there that care Here is a quick rundown on my situation. My illness is not really showing much improvement, at least it was not until yesterday when the visiting nurse set my up a telephone meeting with a doctor, who set me up with new medication. The outcome is an improvement on my ability to move around without needing to fall over due shortage of breath, and this has allowed me to set targets for myself, easy objectives,,which I can do every hour or so. Hopefully, it's onward and upward from here.. Thanks for caring fellas..I hope to be back to normal before long...Terry.
  6. Just laughed for the first time in many days..Thanks guys..Terry.
  7. Worked for TAA back in the eighties and nineties, load controller on the 727. DC9, and Friendship's..Thanks for the memories..Terry.
  8. I have not opened my mail in a few days, so I missed these post. Sorry about that and thanks to all for caring. No change much over the past few days, still unable to move about much, and of course with the pandemic Caroline and I are both housebound.. Still, we are both alive and kicking..so I am thankful for that. Again, thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers..Terry..
  9. Good to see that we oldies can still have a bit of a laugh, even in a pandemic.. eight days in intensive care, and I am back now, but have developed double pneumonia. on top of that we have the country shut down so my poor wife and I are stuck in the house.. Oh well, it could be worse, my system could fail, and I would not be able to read the forums..thanks for small mercies, Teecee.
  10. Saw one of these in the early sixties at an airshow at Church Fenton AB ( now gone) I still remember it occasionally, as it was one of the highlights of my life (truly) what a great aircraft.
  11. Happy birthday Ken..what is it? 21 again?
  12. Probably my favorite small strip.. magic shots,Thanks for posting..Terry.
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