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  1. Here we go from YBBN... ... towards the M1 bridge. And, as you might have expected, not above her. The most famous bridge up Brisbane River is Storey Bridge. I changed the daytime in the sim, to have a comparison shot. Kurilpa Bridge is a nice construction, connecting the CBD to the South Bank, with the Gallery of Modern Art just to our left. Here we should see Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. And that´s the view from Mt. Coot-Tha lookout. Queen Street, seen from the top of... ... City Hall. But, hey: Albert Street Church is missing in P3D! Just in case someone needs a proof of my flight. PS: One more thing: Surely I tried to land on the Sofitel Hotel. But the helipad is not solid, so I just went down into the penthouse. Sorry.
  2. Here we are on approach to Brisbane YBBN. I flew out to Sidney the next day and never got any closer to the city center.
  3. Thanks for watching look forward to seeing others trying out this fun course.
  4. Announcing our next exciting Landmark City Pack - Brisbane! Our next destination for the Landmarks takes us back to Australia with Brisbane, the most populated city and capital of the state of Queensland. The city was founded upon the traditional lands of the Jagera and Turrbal people on the banks of the Brisbane River which took it's name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales at the time. With its laid-back charm, Brisbane is a cosmopolitan hub for arts, culture and a subtropical alfresco lifestyle. The city sees clear blue skies all year round and is a popular tourist destination offering many landmarks and attractions. Our TrueEarth team, led by respected flight sim developer, Holger Sandmann, have recreated this global city with carefully selected POIs, custom orthos and terraforming refinements to capture the feel and vibes of the city. We have maintained balance and performance with our carefully selected 125 POIs, which include the Story Bridge, Eagle Street Pier and many of the hotels and apartments along the riverbank and CBD. Our hero assets allow you to get up close and personal and we have included the recently completed Brisbane Skytower (the city's tallest building), Suncorp Stadium and the Gabba for the all the fans of rugby league, AFL and the cricket. Key Features 4 high-detail custom landmarks: Brisbane Skytower, The Gabba and Suncorp Stadiums, Riverside Expressway bridge system 125 medium-detail custom landmarks, providing a comprehensive Brisbane skyline while balancing quality and performance Extensive terraforming across the coverage area, enhancing how our custom landmarks sit within the simulator’s terrain Enhancements to the Brisbane River between downtown and the estuary: marinas, moored boats, CityCat ferries, New Farm Riverwalk, etc. Detailed representation of the Port of Brisbane (Fisherman Island) and adjacent tank farms and industrial areas Custom orthoimagery with partially exposed tidal sandbars and wetlands east of YBBN and south of Fisherman Island Custom night lighting based on real-world photography Perfectly matched with our upcoming YBBN Brisbane Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator Landmarks Brisbane City has just commenced beta testing and we expect to see its release later this month. So in the meantime, enjoy these previews!
  5. Dear Orbx, After I have installed the scenery, everything seems fine except for one problem I have with the jetways at the international terminal. They for some reason aligned improperly. Can you please help me with this? I have attached a picture to show you how it looks like. Many thanks. Sincerely, Nico
  6. Because Australia updates and installation of the Brisbane International Airport I re-flew this flight. And ..... I liked it! Have a nice flight, Wil
  7. After the Australia v2 update and the free Brisbane International Airport installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a3xEwZjubc&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil
  8. Hello. Can we please get a small update for YBBN for the new runway titling (01R/19L) and get the missing link on taxiway B filled in?
  9. Hi all, After putting it off for too long, I've purchased the Australia v2 package and the Brisbane International (YBBN) airport. It looks absolutely outstanding, however I have a strange issue. When selecting Brisbane as my starting airport in free flight, I can only select 'Active Runway' for my starting point. No gates or ramps in the list. The 'active runway' point is also in the middle of one of the terminal/carpark buildings. To add to this, FSX is telling me there is no ATC, just Brisbane Traffic. Not the biggest issue as I use VATSIM, but may be related to the lack of gates to choose from? Hoping someone is able to help! I've uninstalled and reinstalled Brisbane and the Australia v2 package. I also have no other scenery for Brisbane that would be interferring. Transaction ID is 5df5c00fe49d2 Thanks in Advance! Brock
  10. Hello everyone, After installing ORBX Brisbane I immediately noticed that the runway textures are extemely blurry to the point where they look like they haven't been properly loaded into the sim: I compared Brisbane to Cairns and found that the latter is much sharper: I have also noticed that some of the taxiway markings are misaligned: I've read on this forum that the runway at Brisbane is quite spotty in real life, but according to Google Maps, this apparent misalignment does not exist: Whilst taxiing to the gate, the taxiways themselves also look extremely blurry: When I finally reach the apron area, the textures suddenly look very sharp. These textures are misaligned with the taxiway textures: I have ORBX Australia, CityScene Gold Coast and YBBN Brisbane installed. I do not have any other add-ons installed in the whole of Australia I renamed all of the files inside ..\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery\*YBBN*.* to *YBBN*.*.off. Usually I do not do this for ORBX scenery, but I noticed default terminal buildings overlapping the new ones, and objects in the middle of the runway. Renaming the above files fixed this issue. My display settings are as follows: My system specs are as follows: Intel i9-9900K OC @ 4.7GHz NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 32GB RAM Everything flight sim related is installed on a Samsung Pro Evo M.2 drive My scenery library order is as follows (from top to bottom): Scenery libraries (e.g. FlyTampa, 29Palms / other than ORBX) Airport sceneries Addon Scenery FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_AA_xxx (ORBX Airports – several entries) FTX_EU_xxx (scenerie europejskie – several entries) … (FTX NA, FTX AU, etc.) ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPEx (openLC Europe – several entries) ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICAx (openLC for Northern America – several entries) ORBX!OPENLC_BASE (openLC base) Edwards_AFB Berlin … (All named P3D sceneries) Asia Africa ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ ORBX!VECTOR_APT ORBX!VECTOR_CVX ORBX!VECTOR_EXX 1107 Base … (All numbered P3D sceneries) 0000 Base ORBX!VECTOR_AEC Default Scenery Default Terrain Are these blurry/misaligned textures normal? In November 2017, @Nick Cooper has suggested locking the frame rate to 30 or 24 FPS to allow the sim time to load the textures. However, I only get this problem at Brisbane. For example, I have ORBX Barcelona CityScene installed with JustSim Barcelona LEBL. This is a very demanding area just like CityScene Gold Coast, and the runway textures load very quickly and are sharp (granted they're from different developers). Below is a comparison of LEBL (L) and YBBN (R) with the frame rate locked to 24 FPS: My FPS goes down from 36 to 24, and the textures are still just as blurry as before. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Louis
  11. Can somebody please help me fix the problem seen in the photo attached ? I am using P3D V4.3
  12. Hi folks, this time we will be cruising from Vancouver, Canada, all over the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. Pushback Taxiing via Lima... Lineup runway 08R It's pitch black outside, have you got the sextant for astronomical navigation, First Officer? *Glmps* Look, sir, the passengers of the tween deck already report the first light of day on port side, sir! The first class reports the sun has risen, sir! Captain went to search for his sextant, so quickly taking a photo. A massive storm front building up on starboard Sure wouldn't be fun to go there... Brisbane ahead and New Caledonia astern. Soon we are drifting down into the port of Brisbane. Gently heeling over to starboard There sure must be landlubbers dwelling there. On short final runway 01 In full motion: Vacating A long way to the international pier, sir! - Ay. One of the dockers forgot the pushback truck right in the way of the gangplank... Not our business. Welcome to Australia! I hope you liked my little cruise, as always. Regards Lars
  13. More likely "warm and bright".......we are in sunny Brisbane after all! Fictional livery but quite suitable for this airport nonetheless. Awaiting paying passengers Gate 24 and a lovely Embraer 190 (which I have had the privilege to board on many occasions) FSX-SE | FTX Brisbane | Feelthere 190 | Soft Clouds | JV ENB | FSX Go
  14. Hi, I recently purchased Brisbane YBBN (last transaction-ID in my signature) and the blue taxiway edge lights are missing. The green ones and runway lights are there. I already deleted the txt.-file in the "Versions" folder to install it again, but to no avail. Thank you in advance Lars Wüst
  15. Framerate killer in FSX/P3Dv2 it always was - but I always loved it!!! So *packed* with detail. It's been a long wait - due, I think, to the sheer complexity of FTX YBBN. This really isn't a simple "re-packaging" for P3Dv3 - it looks like a complete makeover. With the FTX Central CP, you get all sorts of combinations of photoreal/ground polys etc. to help with performance - but regardless of the setting, it all looks absolutely stunning. You only need to look at some of the old threads (about blurred taxiways, markings etc.) to see that YBBN was one of the "older" airports. IMHO, ORBX desrve a *lot* of credit for the sheer amount amount of work that must have gone into this update. Show your appreciation by buying it (quick - while the sale is still on!!!). I'm sure there'll be dozens of shots flooding the forum, but here a just a quick few - not even particularly well set up - just to show it's there, it works and it's superb!! I love the P3D lighting. See how the (little!!!) DC3 receives shadows - and how the poles cast shadows on other airport objects. YBBN is a fairly large airport - surrounded by lots of additional detail - so LOTS to explore and enjoy. Adam.
  16. Medical evacuation from somewhere to Brisbane, but you'll not see the patient, or the place where he came from. Thanks gents, Voyager
  17. The very first flight I ever did was on an Air New Zealand DC-8 from Wellington to Brisbane. A month or so ago I re-created this flight using a McDonnell-Douglas DC-8 from Just Flight with Air New Zealand livery from the early 1980s. Below are some screenshots I took of the flight. All scenery by Orbx, of course. Sitting at a rainy Wellington airport (it was a very wet day when I decided to do the flight, so I decided to opt for rainy weather to start my virtual flight too) Ladies and gentlemen, your flight is now boarding. Getting the passengers' baggage loaded with Ground Services GSX. Flying past Mt. Egmont/Taranaki Somewhere beneath all that cloud is the South Island! Passing over Lord Howe Island. Unfortunately, I didn't get any screenshots of Brisbane as it was dark by the time I got there, my frame rates were playing up and my landing was hideous. But still, it was an enjoyable flight up to then and I'm pretty happy with the shots I got of it, so hopefully you will enjoy them too.
  18. Hello community! I want to buy ORBX Brisbane but I don't know if ORBX Global is enough or I need to buy ORBX Australia SP4. What is in ORBX Global included? Sincerely ModernAviation
  19. Another corner of the large area of the Brisbane airport(YBBN) is the International Terminal, herby some shots with a collection of 'Queens of the Skies':
  20. G'day guys I'm starting to get into video stuff with fsx, still learning though this is from Redcliffe to Brisbane Queensland and return ,this is a free ware airport from Orbx, enjoy http://youtu.be/ZljGVQGyvGQ
  21. I reinstalled fsx on my computer on my computer a few days ago but have a runway texture error at YBBN, what have I done wrong this time?
  22. Hi, Since I first installed FTX Australia (SP4.002 and now SP4.003) about 3 months ago, I have noticed that the Building's in the City, all the Bridges but the Gateway (Included in FTX YBBN) and the Stadiums dont load. These pictures are from this morning, Thanks in advance Qantas737pilot
  23. Here's a few pics flying around the Brisbane airport and surrounds in the UH-1 Huey. Cheers,
  24. I installed the freeware Orbx Tasmanian demo, and now the land class scenery around Brisbane airport (YBBN) has dramatically changed. To me it now appears that the airport is floating in a swamp rather than the normal default FSX green field. If I use FTX central to set the scenery back to FSX, Brisbane airport returns to normal. If I purchase any Orbx scenery, is this going to happen to other airports not in that scenery section?
  25. When will an update be released to correct the centre arm of the domestic terminal air bridges used by Jetstar and Tiger to complete the circle shape of the building as it now exists?
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