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  1. Developer Andreas Hegi continues his journey across the Pacific Northwest with his latest Cascades scenery - Concrete Municipal Airport! Reinvigorating this classic Orbx destination, 3W5 is located between Orcas Island, Anacortes and Darrington in Skagit County, perfect for short hops exploring the jaw-dropping scenery of this corner of Washington State. Building upon the standards set with his first two airfields for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Andreas has completely reworked Concrete from the original ESP release. New ultra-high-definition artwork, comprehensive PBR, new modelling and terraforming are found throughout. Real-world updates to the airfield are also reflected in this new scenery; the new fuel farm, several hangars under construction, and movement areas have all been created from scratch using up-to-date source material. Beyond the airfield, explore the townsite and surrounding scenery with a host of landmarks, including the well-known Portland Cement Silos, the historic bridge over the Sauk River, the school and plenty more. Major updates to the ground textures, elevations, vegetation and terraforming extend well beyond the airport perimeter too. Already in advanced beta testing as we speak, Concrete will be a must-have for PNW bush pilots - we'll have more screenshots and info coming out over the coming week!
  2. This flight out of Concrete would take a lot of time, if you´d land at every Orbx airport in this region. So I just passed Israel´s Farm ... ... looked back at the Skagit river valley, ... ... crossed the Andeavor refinery, ... ... to Anacortes... ... and Friday Harbour. That island alone has airfields for many hours of pleasure! But I crossed the channel over to Victoria, ... ... virtually visited Holger Sandmann, ... ... and went up to Nanaimo, ... ... followed by a short hop to the waterfront.
  3. Back on tracks of the past in FSX, from the Inland Empire to western Washington. That means boarding in Felts, ... ... a little turn over Spokane, ... ... and waving to our friends in Colbert. Down Spokane River to where it meets the Columbia. Grand Coulee Dam, ... ... Steamboat Rock, ... ... and Dry Falls are worth a little detour. Chelan Mun. Do you remember these two FSX missions starting here? The valley to the left is where we all picked up the "missing coworker". In much worse scenery and weather. And Stehekin was the place for tricky landings. But with the King one can easily climb over the Cascades to see Glacier Peak... ... and Mount Baker, ... ... before turning downwind into Concrete. I wonder if John @lifejogger is still virtually here...
  4. Just four shots of a very short flight from Orcas Island to Concrete, in the piston Duke. Not much time for flying lately, but this was a fun flight. Enjoy!
  5. Even though I am Australian, Man I love Concrete 3W5 Concrete behind me Man I love PNW Darrington 1S2
  6. Following my recent flight towards Seattle I just "had" to inspect some older sceneries that I did not fly in p3d yet - or even did not own before the last sales. So I set up a flight plan with a little loop, ... ... went out of KPAE... ... over Everett... ... and into the valley of the "North Fork Stillaguamish River". It should be possible to give it an even longer name, but I see it would not be easy. Fantastic mountains around Darrington... Heading on northwards over the Sauk river... ... into Concrete. These Washingtonians seem to be very resistant against cold & wet weather. Nothing more than T-shirts here... Climbing to the west over Skagit river... ... but not for long, as Israel´s Farm is waiting to be found. And finding it is a real challenge... Even on the ground the runway can easily be overlooked. It is only a short hop until the Anacortes refinery comes into view, ... ... which means the sim pilot has to make the little detour south to Deception Pass bridge. Paul was polite enough to leave the signs installed at Anacortes airfield. You´ll probably see a little anomaly here - which I will report separately as well. Downwing over San Juan Island into KFHR... ... where I naturally stop directly next to the Café for a little burger. But the windows are dark, and no guests there - did I arrive out of business hours?
  7. Hi, thanks for reading. I bought PNW with a handful of individual airfields including 3W5 (Concrete Municipal). The scenery is stunning but for some reason 3W5 did not add itself to the scenery library (managed to do it manually, just found it strange). Worse still is that the airfield is elevated 10-20 meters above the surrounding PNW scenery (screenshot attached). I found this very odd as it's all Orbx scenery and should work seamlessly. I use P3D v3.4, FTX Base and Vector. Vector didn't find the airfield in its database (the auto config left everything enabled, perhaps a separate issue!). I don't have a 3rd party mesh enabled for America. I hope someone can help as I'm really amazed by the scenery in every other way! Thanks again, Chris Edit: PS When I load the scenario the aircraft appears 100m off airfield (to the right as you seen on the picture). Not sure if relevant. Just annoying.
  8. Lazy and Hazy flight from Israel Farms to Concrete. Had to go to summer, tired of winter, (winter bad!) Can't beat a low and slow with the old Air Creation Trike, especially using an XBOX controller, easy on the hands and the controls work like a dream! Parked by the barn. That old dozer sure could use some paint, but not today! Circled the barn, being viewed from the front porch by the wife! Headed for the grass strip. Looks like someone needs to mow this area soon! Turning to line up. Lined up, ready for take off. Making a pass over the farm before heading down the valley to 3W5. Looking around at the scenery. Parked at 3W5, I think I'm being watched by someone over there by that crate and spool Thanks for riding along, hope you enjoyed the trip! Roger
  9. Sunday morning flight in the An-2 from Concrete to Orcas Island Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  10. Darrington to Concrete Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  11. Just a little "pretend" rescue on Lake Shannon just above Concrete WA. I've been seeing this sailboat on the lake in the same spot forever, thought I'd better check on it today. Landing on the lake Paddle over to the stranded sailboat, Whew!! Mission accomplished, everything is OK, lift off, headed back to 3W5
  12. Heading north from 3W5 Leaving 3W5 Baker Lake and Baker River Concrete WA Baker River Baker Lake Concrete Dam and Shannon Lake City of Concrete WA 3W5
  13. Hope you're ready for another installment of "my little dude", this time he is jumping from the Concrete WA dam (again without a parachute or wing suit) but hey, he's Van "Dam" tought! Look! Up on the dam, is that? Surely not, but... Yep, it's me Civilian Dude! Getting ready to step off into who know's what! I gotta get a chute of some sort!!! And aawwaayy we go! Like the man who fell from the 15 story building, about floor seven he's thinking--So Far So Good!!!! Into the mist Under the mist, I think after the bounce back (ouch) Well, made that in fair shape, luckily the water broke my fall Now another hurdle, forgot about the small spillway, no problem here though. Whew!, lived through that one too! Now not to get caught getting out of here!!! Oh well so much for not getting caught, I had to promise not to try that again EVER!! (Yeah, Right) But boy howdy, do I need a drink after all that! Hope you found the Dude somewhat entertaining during your break from flying.
  14. Next purchase will be either Israels Farm, Orcas Island or Anacortes, once I get those I'll have all of the Area between Friday Harbour and Darrington
  15. A short but good flight ! Have a good flight
  16. Have not been to Concrete for ages. No better way to look around than with the Paramotor. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Many thanks for another 4 V3.0 upgrades at no charge.
  17. Great to have more updated P3D v3 installers for airports in the PNW. For Concrete 3W5, however, I notice that when I select "spray effect at the river weir" I get an error in my FTX central 2. "Error setting Spray effect at the river weir to on." "Both on Path and offPath don't exist for file: ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_3W5\Scenery\ORBX_3W5_Dam_Spray.BGL ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_3W5\Scenery\ORBX_3W5_Dam_Spray.BGL.OFF" Is this an error in the new installer or can it safely be ignored? Thanks.
  18. Traveling on from 3W5, heading south, an overnight stop at KTDO and leave next morning to land back soon in Vernonia.
  19. Leaving 11S Sekiu for a flight, ended up at Concrete 3W5
  20. Scenic flight in a Blackhawk from Darrington to Concrete Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  21. Short hop from Concrete to Israel's Farm Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade Happy Easter to everybody!
  22. The triple installer for Concrete is here so I will do a quick exploratory flight in the V-35 to make sure both are working well. 1. It's a very cold day so better put the heater on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All looks good so time to head back as the weather is closing in. 7. 8. Missed the runway so try again. 9. Third attempt at landing. 10. Down but why won't the Bonanza stop? 11. Stopped now and it is cosy in here amongst the trees!
  23. Here's just a few shots of 3W5 because, well, I really wanted to fly around one of my favorite OrbX airports and didn't want to wait for an updated installer. I know it's not supported, but it looks good none the less and gives absolutely fabulous frame-rates.
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