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  1. From what I recall they even are more FPS friendly due to efficient texture sheets so that the texture calls go faster.
  2. There are always some tiny errors when moving scenery from v4 to v5. I've got texture popping, gras popping, elevated static and user planes, mesh errors, double/old runway textures, etc. All of them not being addressed by the developers since they've moved on to another sim, product or simply left.
  3. I sometimes disable PG but I don't think the default autogen is bad. The difference in terrain mesh is very obvious though, since that is also part of the PG. Just watch the difference between on and off in Beverly Hills for instance.
  4. Update went smooth for me as well. I did a test flight in the G1000 172 and loved it.
  5. It indeed is a good move. Helping each other is what made this forum a nice home for me.
  6. Like everyone wanted METAR and now the weather engine is not so perfect since the implementation? It was good with only Meteo Blue as source.
  7. Sorry, I do not need Chaseplane as I find the standard drone camera suitable for my purpose.
  8. Maybe another tip; be sure you have not overclocked the CPU and/or GPU. That could be the culprit too since MSFS is very demanding and possibly overloading the overclocked processors. I had that with my jump from P3D v4 to v5.
  9. You can make a library with Orbx Central and point the location too your SSD.
  10. I've tried this too but the taxiway is not properly aligned with the PR when using the Bing underground. It is slightly offset. So I changed it back. It's indeed a signal to watch carefully if an airport is fully adapted to the new possibilities of MSFS and not just inherited the textures of an older sim.
  11. Like mentioned earlier the quality of PG depends on the source data. Most PG that was shipped upon release is pretty good and is, like John says, hardly melted (Gold Coast, San Francisco, Orlando, Barcelona to name a few). Since WU Great-Britain, MS uses another source for PG (London) which is worse than the original. Michael already mentioned that Jorg made a statement about that, and I thought I saw some regrets about switching PG sources in Jorgs eyes when he said that on a Dev Q&A.
  12. Great atmospheric shots Adam. The environment and planes suit very well.
  13. FSX/P3D have a longer history, so there are more airports and scenery developed for these sims.
  14. Better delayed then too soon.
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