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Introducing LIPB Bolzano Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps with its distinctive architecture and stunning mountain scenery, we are pleased to announce the next airport from veteran developer Andreas Hegi - LIPB Bolzano Airport, located near the city of Bolzano, known for its rich history and cultural attractions, and proximity to the Italian ski fields in the Dolomites.
Magic views await as you approach the runway, with the scenic Dolomitic mountains, and Andreas’ personal touch seen in detail. He visited the airport over a few days to get a feel for the surroundings as well as work with the airport authorities to take hundreds of photos in and around the airport. 


At a glance:

  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography providing the most immersive experience possible
  • Updated layout with new runway extension
  • Custom static DC-3 and helicopters
  • Main terminal with interior modeling
  • Custom ortho





















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41 minutes ago, Hugo_J said:

Great stuff, but why ? There is already the freeware version included in a WU, the version from BMW and even a freeware on flightsim.to... Quite pointless to spend time on this, even if it looks brilliant



The point is that this is much better quality.

Following your thoughts there was no point in the great payware versions which have been developed or are currently developed for already enhanced default airports like LOWI or ESSA just to mention two.



And I think it is up to the developer, what he likes to create, the more Andreas is a freelancer as I understand it. I am pretty sure he and Orbx will see potential sales for this airport.


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Not pointless, the WUP version is better than the BMW, and the Andreas Hegi version looks to be the best of all. This is not a criticism of the earlier versions. 
The Orbx release will cost more, there has been more time and effort spent on it. I am delighted as Bolzano has been a favorite of mine for years. Always loved the approach, and been disappointed in the airport. WUP, version is good, but if you compare, from the screenshots this newer version is better.


Besides, when it comes to developers, they always think they can do better. they are not to be discouraged!



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46 minutes ago, wain71 said:

Okay thanks for that, I wish Devs would put some kind of graphic showing size of plane that can't land there, it's certainly a thing I consider before a purchase...

Google is your friend. It's amazing how much information is readily available online about all sorts of things we'd like to know. 

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On 12/13/2022 at 9:03 AM, John Dow said:

Google is your friend. It's amazing how much information is readily available online about all sorts of things we'd like to know. 

true, and it's something I always say, sometimes though I am just lazy...

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