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  1. Great pics, Gerold. Alaska is one of my favourite areas to explore.
  2. I just saw this remark of yours, Gerold. In case that's stopping you from installing MSFS, as long as your internet connection generates more than 20MB/s you will be fine. I had the same issue until six months ago with a connection hovering around 19 to 22MB/s and I had no issues with MSFS whatsoever. Now I am at 500MB/s and there isn't much of a difference re MSFS.
  3. Interesting story and flight, Gerold
  4. John, are you sure that's not MSFS? Just kidding, those shots look terrific. The Orbx TE series is the best next to MSFS
  5. OMG, where did this one come from?
  6. I very much hope so too, John. If they are willing to invest in the Orbx scenery, otherwise...
  7. First of all, this is terrific news. But, and this is a big but for me: like Chris aka AnkH, I have many NZ freeware airports from the Tonga site. If they now become incompatible with this product, I don't see a point in buying it. For me this means, I will wait with the purchase until I know, what is going to happen in this respect.
  8. Great screenies, Richard. I assume this is the Captain Sim Herc. I also have her in MSFS, but I couldn't get the gauges to work and whenever I enter the VC, the side windows pop open. But otherwise it's flying very nicely
  9. When we were alpha testing MSFS, we of course noticed that the bridge was missing, which was somewhat odd, as the Opera House was well modeled. We never got an answer from the development team, until someone from Sydney speculated that the city government had managed to have the bridge patent protected. No idea, whether this is true, but if it would be true, Asobo/MS would have to ask the city government for permission to model it into the sim, hence they didn't bother. On the other hand, if the Harbour Bridge is protected, the iconic Opera House must be patent protected too, but this one looks great in default. Oh well, just speculating. It's not really important anymore, I guess
  10. Excellent work on this one, Ken!! Looking very much forward to buy it. Will you and Tim have a chance to develop your fantastic PNG airstrips for MSFS? I know quite a few people (myself included), for whom this would be like Xmas and Eastern together Bernd
  11. Best news since I threw up my lunch This will be an instant buy for me!! I only hope that Frank and the talented Orbx team have also people with less than monstrous PC hardware in mind, so we can handle all these details without having to live with a slide show, when we fly over Sydney
  12. A single customer looking for a discount, so?? May I quote myself:
  13. You could be right, problem is we don't know. Only Orbx knows, whether OLC SA and Africa made them any money. Maybe you should take it up directly with management, so we get a definite answer on whether they will develop OLC Asia or at least the part of it, that is the more interesting one.
  14. That's fine, but I assume that you must be aware that you are betting here on a dead horse and that OLC Asia is never going to happen, as it will be commercial nonsense based on what we know for a couple of months now regarding MSFS
  15. Lars, as you know, I'm totally with you on good scenery for Asia, I have lived there for over 20 years. I'm an alpha tester, so I can assure you that our prayers have been aswered
  16. Maybe we can ask the new CEO of Orbx, Anna, what she thinks about developing landclass scenery for Asia. I think, we all know the answer
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