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  1. Great pics, Gerold. Alaska is one of my favourite areas to explore.
  2. I just saw this remark of yours, Gerold. In case that's stopping you from installing MSFS, as long as your internet connection generates more than 20MB/s you will be fine. I had the same issue until six months ago with a connection hovering around 19 to 22MB/s and I had no issues with MSFS whatsoever. Now I am at 500MB/s and there isn't much of a difference re MSFS.
  3. Interesting story and flight, Gerold
  4. John, are you sure that's not MSFS? Just kidding, those shots look terrific. The Orbx TE series is the best next to MSFS
  5. Super nice screenies, Gerold. I enjoyed viewing them.
  6. Thanks Mike, I'm glad, you like them. That's a freeware plane, which I use in conjunction with the panel of the Flight Replicas DC 4. Of course I am using it only for myself. And should Flight Replicas ever decide to bring out this plane for MSFS, I will certainly buy it again.
  7. Many thanks, Gerold. Yeah, I could have landed in Kai Tak, but as it is no longer operational, SamScene, the developer of this Hong Kong scenery, decided to not include it. There is now a nice freeware version available, which I of course use, but I cannot show it here, as it has nothing to do with Orbx. Thanks a lot, Adam I'm pleased you like them, John !! Thank you very much, John, for your kind comment ! Many thanks, John. I am pleased with the scenery too. It's fantastic that we can now explore the entire world with decent enough default scenery below us that we actually enjoy the flight Hahaha, many thanks Aharon!! Yes, this is MSFS Thank you, Carlos. Yes, the scenery is very nice. Even the colors and billboard signs change periodically and you have the ferries cross the harbor. Many thanks, my friend. The first passenger plane I flew on was the 707
  8. XP11 with orthos and especially the Orbx TE series looks really superb, as you great screenies prove again, John. Yet I just can't get myself back to it, although I still have tons of orthos and planes stuck on some external hard drives that I haven't touched since that famous day in August 2020
  9. SoFly weather theme: hot and humid. We depart from Taipei’s city airport, called Sungshan, which is usually reserved for domestic flights The famous Grand Hotel, owned by the Taiwanese government. More popular is the white building to its lower right, it's the Taipei American Club, gathering place for many foreigners, who work in Taipei Slowly, Hong Kong comes into sight It looks also good at night Approaching Macao
  10. I have lived there for 7.5 years, both my kids were born there. It's a fantastic place to live, I can assure you; very friendly people (my son didn't like them too much though, because everybody wanted to grab his blond hair) and if you are into Chinese food, there aren't too many places outside of mainland China, where you'll find such a diversity on a relatively small place like Taipei. For food junkies like me it's just pure heaven!! I go visit this city every second year.
  11. OMG, where did this one come from?
  12. Hahaha, thanks my friend. Yes we know each other from avsim, where I usually admire your fine screenshots Many thanks, John I'm happy that you like them, John
  13. If we are down to this kind of detail now, MS/Asobo and Tim and Ken have accomplished their missions Otherwise great shots, TTM
  14. Absolutely superb, my friend!! Pity that this bloody griz is still around
  15. Wonderful shots, Adam. And as Ken already said, the last one is a ripper!
  16. Rotorua with Lake Rotorua in the background Passing by Tokoroa Over the Waikato River And here is the Te Mapara airstrip. Hmmh, seems to be a bit of a challenge, me thinks... Nice view from up here
  17. Top shots, buddy and you certainly picked the right plane
  18. I very much hope so too, John. If they are willing to invest in the Orbx scenery, otherwise...
  19. First of all, this is terrific news. But, and this is a big but for me: like Chris aka AnkH, I have many NZ freeware airports from the Tonga site. If they now become incompatible with this product, I don't see a point in buying it. For me this means, I will wait with the purchase until I know, what is going to happen in this respect.
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