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  1. Iain Take care and allow your body to mend, my best wishes Nigel Vancouver
  2. Gunner Thank you for that tip - I think I am on the way, and my status is the same as yours - fingers X'ed Nigel
  3. I cannot download the digital edition, the game .exe is in my WindowsApps folder on "C". I have just spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with MS, they have escalated to the next level and are to call back tomorrow morning. They downloaded the latest Windows10 ISO, ran that as a repair but did not succeed. Disappointing Nigel Vancouver
  4. Michael I bought a new 1TB SSD with the intention of installing P3D5; then I saw a video of waves in FS2020 and I was lost - everything I see now looks so exciting and I will probably run a vanilla version for a while to see what it's like, but will keep P3D4. Nigel
  5. I am as excited as most others at the pending release of Flight Simulator 2020 – from all the videos posted it seems a giant leap forward for us simmers, and my mouse pointer is poised awaiting delivery of my pre-order next week.. But I think there is a lot of irony to this release. About 10 years ago, Microsoft surprisingly abandoned us simmers after releasing a pretty good FSX, but that did open the door to many add-on developers, and we have been spoilt over these years with some fantastic add-ons LockheedMartin took over FSX and produced a successful new update - P3D. Then they broke the 64 bit hurdle and gave us a great simulator in P3D4. But the real irony is now they are going to be sidelined by Microsoft. Back in 2007, I attended the AVSIM Flightsim conference in Bellevue, such a great experience and event. What stood out to me most, was John Venema sitting in the middle of the conference room with his computer, projector and portable screen showing us the first vestiges of what to was come with Orbx, flying a Cessna I think, around these fabulous textures of Australia. Living in Vancouver, with Holger Sandmann on the doorstep, we were soon overwhelmed with the Pacific Northwest scenery and its following regions and airports – what a ride we have had. Like Lockheed Martin, Orbx have raised the bar to unforeseen levels and we have been so lucky with their contribution and a big ongoing thank you from me.. I am sad when I wonder whether FS2020 will result in their regional scenery and TrueEarth sceneries falling by the wayside? There really wasn’t anyone out there who could compete with these large scale scenery options, until now. Orbx airports were all excellent, but there is a lot of competition out there in this sector. I will be keeping P3D4 on my computer with all my Orbx addons and look forward to trying FS2020 with the wonder as to where it will lead me in the future. Sincerely Nigel Vancouver
  6. Good news - my PC updated to Windows 10 version 2004 recently and I updated my NVIDIA drivers - no more artifacts at EGLC in three flights. Nigel
  7. thx, looking forward to flying from Brisbane to Sydney Nigel Vancouver
  8. Also try de-registering SODE then re-registering it. Nigel Vancouver
  9. Thx Sascha, Carlos, Nick and John for your input; Nick I have bookmarked John's posting so I can find it next time. TrueEarth sceneries have many positive attributes but the various colour anomalies unfortunately seem to be an inherent condition of their properties. But it is still fun flying them. Nigel
  10. Hi Sascha and Nick Thx for your input. I tried a file verification for Oregon and deleting the shaders folder, but these made no difference. I checked my saturation level and for the True Earth profile (in SimStarter) it was at 1.67. I cut it back to 0.86 as in my default profile and that made a huge difference but did not completely cut the blue shading, although it was much diluted. Any views as to what the saturation setting should be for TrueEarth? And where can I find John Venema's settings for TrueEarth, I have searched everywhere without success (I think I had them in my True Earth profile but would like to confirm.. thx Nigel
  11. Nick to the rescue again. I have the knowledge and experience to do a search for ENAL - I didn't. I have an excuse at my age for forgetting I have Norway_Airports installed. Now the problem is solved - thx Nick Nigel
  12. I should add I uninstalled and re-installed both Vigra and ObjectFlow and verified each set of files, did not cure the problem Nigel
  13. I downloaded this new scenery today and installed it in the same directory as all my other Orbx sceneries, ie the Orbx root directory (except for TrueEarth’s which I have on another drive in their own directory). When I start-up at this airport, the buildings are the default ones, no new terminal buildings are showing (see attached screen shot). I have read the other topics regarding missing buildings; I checked that I have only one copy of object flow installed - in the following directory string “Users\owner\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow”. This p3dv4 folder also contains Global TerraFlora v2; NZQNQueenstownAirport; TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries; along with ORBXObjectFlow (3.0.6). My other Orbx Norway airports (Sogdnal and Sandane) have all showed correctly, and still do, and people are all moving around. I have the Norway regional scenery installed. Alesund shows in the scenery library. So why does Alesund not show – can anyone help? First time this has happened to me! Nigel Vancouver
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