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  1. But why does it work with only one product in the cart? If it works with one product, why not with several?
  2. Same problem right now, I can't buy the products I want with Paypal. It's really annoying, I have 17 products in my cart, I can't buy them one by one, it would take too long. Never mind, I won't make my purchases.
  3. Hello, Today I got 8 updates for the 8 airfields above via Orbx Central. The files concerning these AD, in the TE Oregon scenery, are now disabled.
  4. I've installed OG39, 77S, S45, 7S3, KVUO, 05S, W52 and WA79, so all Orbx airfields located in TE Oregon
  5. Hello, I installed TrueEarth Oregon and then, successively, I installed my Orbx airfields located in this area. Unlike TE Northern California and TE Washington, no files were disabled for these AD in the TE Oregon scenery ... Do I have to do it manually? Thank you.
  6. Only CAX6 is in the area covered by TE Washington, right? ... with PNW Ferries ...
  7. Hello Nick, and thank you for the answer. Do we really have to re-download everything? So it's not possible to recover the sceneries in P3Dv4 Addon scenery/Orbx and then check the files?
  8. Hello, There is a post pinned to give the informations to migrate Orbx sceneries from P3Dv4 to P3Dv5, but this is only valid for an installation using the add-ons.xml method. I don't remember what to do when we used the classic method directly in P3D with scenery.cfg. Could you tell me what to do. I thank you for it. Nadine
  9. Wow ... great ride and beautiful screens, Magnum, cheers !
  10. Hi Greg, It was a general question, I set up the airport but I haven't had time to visit it yet. So it was just to know before I landed my plane there Thank you very much for your answer
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