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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, Like many others, I was very excited with the return of paypal to Orbx Central. Although, when I go into the cart screen that asks for my payment method, I press 'PayPal'. But, the PayPal login never pops up or anything. I am currently on 4.1.23 (fastlane), but even when I opt-out and reboot, the problem persists. Please help, I really want to get some more scenery before the sale goes away! Regards, Elliot
  2. Please keep the PayPal (with that name in the title) issue near the top of the forum threads so others can avoid the aggravation I just needlessly experienced. I love flying ORBX country. And just now, I was eager to add Block Island to my inventory of titles. Not finding the usual PayPal option surprised (and, I'm ashamed to admit, annoyed) me, as that is my trusted method of paying for anything online. Engaging your replacement option for that added to my mounting frustration when my bank blocked the transaction because they considered it suspicious, now being a direct purchase from a very off-shore entity. Kudos to them for keeping me safe -- but.... That drove me to the forums trying to understand what the heck is going on. Now, I love flying -- and I prefer that to living on the forums. As pleasant as visits here usually are. So I haven't been an observer of the unfolding drama on that front... So, finding two PayPal threads not far from the top of the list encouraged me -- until noticing them locked without much if any meaningful information -- nor an obvious reason for their having been locked... EVENTUALLY, I found the thread -- way down the list -- that makes sense of the whole kerfuffle, But by the time I finally dug that far, my frustration had grown rather large. And so very unnecessarily!! Naturally, I am more than sympathetic to your plight -- now that I understand. But my tragedy of errors could have been completely avoided if a PayPal thread had been findable more easily and early. The "introducing STRIPE" thread didn't capture my attention because I was focused on fixing my PAYPAL problem -- and saw no correlation between the two... So won't you do yourself a favor, and post that PayPal explanation thread at or near the top of the forum so others can avoid my experience? I love and respect ORBX/FTX, and it takes a bit to cause any downturn in my regard for you. But this event had me cussing at my 'puter by the time I figured it out. And I STILL cannot make that purchase until my bank finally acts on my call to them telling them this transaction was actually my own.... Thanks in advance. And as always, keep up the great work.
  3. I am seriously thinking about dropping PayPal. Once I close my account they will never open one ever again. I have been using them wherever I could so, it is not an easy decision to make. On the other hand I am absolutely livid that they have the power to stifle the start of a successful new venture by locking up somebody's account for an indefinite period. I am warming to the idea of using Stripe but they are not available at eBay, Flightsimstore or any other merchants I deal with except Orbx. So the thought process goes on and on and on.
  4. Hello I was going to purchase Kenai today but found that I could not find the option to use PayPal. Is Paypal not available to make purchases any longer? Thanks. Pete.
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