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  1. Yeah It is still happening, even after I added an exclusion and restarted completely
  2. central.log This is thelog after I pressed the paypal button multiple times
  3. No, I don't think you understand (sorry if my explaining is bad). a) I know I'm using Central, thats why I stated my version in the first post. b) The actual problem is when I am trying to select the PayPal option. When I press the PayPal Button under payment method, nothing happens. (Check my attached image to see what I am talking about)
  4. No the problem is that the PayPal login window never pops up, so I am unable to add a payment method. It has nothing to do with my account because I have not been able to log into my PayPal account through Central in the first place.
  5. Hey guys, Like many others, I was very excited with the return of paypal to Orbx Central. Although, when I go into the cart screen that asks for my payment method, I press 'PayPal'. But, the PayPal login never pops up or anything. I am currently on 4.1.23 (fastlane), but even when I opt-out and reboot, the problem persists. Please help, I really want to get some more scenery before the sale goes away! Regards, Elliot
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