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Promised Pictures- Follow-up on May 3 TWMT

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Well, it's finally finished.  I installed my new cockpit panel last week, and have been spending a week testing and trouble shooting.  Yesterday and today did the first two flights: KPSP-KWJF, then KWJF-KBFL.  everything is working beautifully, thought I am still learning how to best intergrate the new Garmin GNS 430.  So here are some pictures as promised.  


Since, after trying several other aircraft, I keep coming back to the Mooney M20M (Bravo), I decided to build this panel to copy as close as possible this particular plane.  But since this A/C is over 30 years old, almost all have been modified and updated, and none are exactly alike.  For a pic of the plane I based my panel on, go back to the May 3 TWMT.


Some notes:


On the left I made a new light switch panel.  First try didn't work, bought new switches and this one works beautifully.

Six pack and engine gauges are Saitek (now Logitech FIPs.  The gauge software is by Tom Tsui, FSX Times.com  Unfortunately Tom is no longer doing FIPs for P3D.  These gauges are recessed into the panel to be almost flust.  Below the six pack is the Saitek BIP.  I wish someone would make an annunciator panel for the Mooney.  Below the Engine Gauges is an FIP displaying the G5.  Since in real aircraft this is an add-on, it is surface mounted.  At the bottom left is the Desktop Aviator Cessna Switch Panel.  This is labeled for Alternator, Battery Fuel pump, various lights, Pitot Heat and Avionics.  I moved the lights to their own panel and programed these for Fuel Pump, Pitot Heat, De-Ice, Standby Vac, and Alt Air.


Right Panel picture picks up at the centerline.  High on the centerline is the Landing Gear Lever, in the correct but odd Mooney position.  Next to that, from the top:

Go Flight Warning Panel, Javiator Audio Panel, Diagma Garmin GNS 530, Real Sim Gear  GNS 430, Propwsh Autopilot, Desktop Aviator Flaps, TPM unit, and below that FSX Dual Unit (for two aviation heasdsets).  At the bottom is a Desktop Aviator fuel selector.  Right panel hs two prowash units, -Radio/Nav (COM 2/Nav 2.  Com 1/nav 1 handled by GNS units). and the Transponder. 


The Fuse Panel adds visual authenticity, but also conceals a compartment with the USB Hubs (two computers) and the USB I/O interfaces.  The light panel and landing gear are connected to the sim here.





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9 minutes ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

Ken, I don't know which I envy more, the cockpit itself or your skill in building it. Congratulations on a real work of technical art!

Thanks Rodge,


I took a different approach this time, and used Masonite rather than plywood.  A bit easier to work, and a much better finish.  I bought a new circular saw, 4", rather than using a jig saw and a 7" circular saw.  Much better precision cuts.  But I have to do this all in the garage.  Thus, weather defeats me; my knees won't stand a chill.  So there were many days I couldn't work, or could only work for a short time on this project during the spring.  Wife got rather impatient because the car was out in the driveway ( I know, we're weird, we actually keep our cars in the garage!). Then, after flying the Comanche which is equipped with the GNS 430, I decided I wanted one, and while building the new panel was the time to get it.  But it was out of stock at RealSimGear. Ended up getting it from Ebay.  But finally got it all together, and it all works well together, so I'm very happy.


Note to all who might like to transition to a more realistic and immersive Flight Sim, I have a lot of Saitek gear that is serviceable.  I'll be happy to send it to (US) simmers free, for the cost of shipping.  PM me.



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