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Old Aircraft and Old Movies

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One of the most recent additions to my Hangar was the delightful old girl - the Beech 18

and wandering around FS.to as I do regularly - I found a new paint job  for her  - and here she is

sitting at Bob Hope Airport

The scheme is the one used on the old lady as she was used in the more recent Old Movie - Its a Mad m.m.m.m. World

Remember the flying sequence through Hangars and Billboards ?? - No ! -  here it is.




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Great movie, great paint - thanks for the memories, I projected the movie at the then Palms Theatre (since destroyed by eruption) in my then home town of Rabaul TPNG, probably about a year after the movie was first released as that was the usual time frame for us to get it in those days :D

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