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Oldies and their love of Oldy planes

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Gumby made a statement elsewhere a couple of days ago in that we oldies love our vintage aircraft

so I thought I would share something that jumped out at me yesterday 


Many years ago - most of you might remember a movie called "The Bridges at TOKO RI " starring

William Holden - Mickey Rooney and a few other well known faces of the time


However - the star of the movie in my opinion - was the Mc Donnell Douglas F2H-2  - and yesterday 

I came across a new site - to me anyway - of Warbirds - and the latest releases were for 2020 - and

one was the F2H "Banshee" ---  and the other a beautiful example of an old British post war beauty -

the Hawker Hawk - the carrier fighter bomber


You will find them on    Add-Ons Library - FS 2020 - Military Jets - SOH Forum (sim-outhouse.com)


Needless to say I have put a few hours in both of them since



Screenshot 2021-10-25 131202.jpg


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