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Graz (LOWG) Airport Runway Mismatch

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I recently purchased the Graz Airport (LOWG) for MSFS through Orbx Central app. The runway numbers are 16 and 34 instead of 17 and 35. I read the changelog v1.2.0 and checked what had been installed to my computer and it was the same v1.2.0. I double checked on Marketplace to confirm the version and even re-verified the game files, still no luck. It stays 16 and 34. Even tried one of the methods someone posted to follow before contacting support, still no luck. 

Looking forward for someone to help me fix it. Thanks!

PS: I did try creating a ticket, but it took ages to load and gave an server error, hence the reason asking on the forum. 


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9 hours ago, z1nryx said:

The runway numbers are 16 and 34 instead of 17 and 35


Hi there,


That's correct I believe. A major reason for the update was to reflect the change in runway numbers from 17/35 to 16/34 which, if memory serves correctly, occurred sometime in the spring.


All the best,



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I see! It's just that the charts I have are older and matched with the runway details on maps I saw online. I think on the current AIRAC cycle 2109, it lists 16 & 34 too. Yet again I currently don't have a Navigraph subscription to cross check that. I thought the change was from 16,34 to 17,35. 

But thank you all soo much for the prompt reply back and am really hoping for some quality addons to add to my library! Loved the work on LOWG : )



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