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Alaska Mesh texture loading

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Just bought the Mesh along with newly released PAKT.  Taking quick discovery flight just north of PAKT and all the mountain ranges have incredibly slow loading textures, then only pop in as a I get close and sometimes not at all.  Looks like a bit of a mess?


I have my terrain level of detail at 150, High texture resolution.


For some reason I can't upload an image...grrr


EDIT:  Just took off from KEB and it seems ok?  Some issue with the newly released PAKT maybe?  The only Alaska freeware I have is PABR which is right on the North west of the State - highly unlikely to clash with the texture issues?  I've not tried disabling it yet.

EDIT 1: Spoke too soon, seeing similar kind of issues east of KEB........hmmmm.


Any ideas?

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On 8/26/2021 at 7:45 PM, sidfadc said:

Any ideas?


Best I can do is confirm you are not alone but that it seems to be an issue with the default scenery rather than the Orbx addon.


I was checking on reports of a terrain spike near CZST  and am seeing what you describe.

I emptied my community folder so I'm just seeing the default scenery and it's still happening so appears to be an issue with the basic simulator which, for some reason, is particularly noticeable in this area.


Here are a couple of screenshots.


Again I emphasize these were taken with only default scenery active.


The more detailed textures pop into view at about the distance indicated within the red box.



A zoomed in view of a region where the different textures are clearly visible.



This appears to simply be the way MSFS works (or doesn't!).


All the best,



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I just flew a test to the north of PAKT and I see slow loading and popping textures.  I don't think textures would be affected by the mesh though.  Same thing on a flight out of PAJN.


What I seem to be seeing are two different sets of textures, with the lower LOD textures (distant view textures) different to the higher LOD textures that pop in as soon as their draw call distance is reached.  I suspect strongly that this is an Asobo/Bing issue.  If the higher res textures are taken from a different set of Bing imagery to the lower res, as perhaps happens in an update, then I would expect to see what we're seeing.


I just rant he same flight with the mesh disabled and it's the same, so It appears to be an Asobo issue.




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