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  1. Just bought the Mesh along with newly released PAKT. Taking quick discovery flight just north of PAKT and all the mountain ranges have incredibly slow loading textures, then only pop in as a I get close and sometimes not at all. Looks like a bit of a mess? I have my terrain level of detail at 150, High texture resolution. For some reason I can't upload an image...grrr EDIT: Just took off from KEB and it seems ok? Some issue with the newly released PAKT maybe? The only Alaska freeware I have is PABR which is right on the North west of the State - highly unlikely to clash with the texture issues? I've not tried disabling it yet. EDIT 1: Spoke too soon, seeing similar kind of issues east of KEB........hmmmm. Any ideas?
  2. Conflict with community addons? I've recently purchased EGHI and don't see this. Try disabling your community add ons then try again.
  3. Southampton and Burbank - I've noticed the textures on the buildings/hangars are low res and blurry. I'll be honest some of the freeware I have use higher resolutions so I'm a little disappointed and its not the usual Orbx standard I am used to.
  4. I bought this the other day and suffered repeated CTD loading the airfield, I connected to their discord server and got the same reply above almost straight away. Its broke, they know its broke and are working on a fix.
  5. I had flat scenery and flickering textures, make sure you dont have the Thames water fix in your community folder.
  6. Create a "Disabled" folder in \community and simply move the Orbx London Landmarks folder, job done.
  7. yep noticed the notams after my rather hasty post - should have done my homework
  8. thanks Nick I clearly am! I just assumed it was active because there are approaches on the chart I never looked at sat image. Apologies if I'm in wrong place, I bought a product from Orbx Central so came here for Support. I never noticed it was a partner product I just hit buy and install!
  9. Hi there So I've just purchased EIDW but notice runway 16/34 has X marked up and down the runway, which denotes its closed. However not according to latest navigraph charts, this is an active runway? Or am I mistaken? Thanks
  10. Always useful to explain what the issue was for someone searching!?
  11. Thanks for the reply Nick, I understand these issues can be personal and environmental. Last night I downloaded something from Steam to test my connection and yep, was downloading at approx 38MB/s. So I think my connection isn't the issue - you definitely have some kind of bottle neck. Maybe increased load on the Orbx CDN due to sales??
  12. Never suffered from this before, I bought 3 airports last night and they are downloading at a painfully slow 500kb/s! I have a 350MB connection with download speeds capable of 40MB/s. Do you have issues? Thanks
  13. Purchased LOWG tonight just finished a sector leaving at dusk and returning at night, absolutely well done guys what a beautiful airport. Looks fantastic with the latest night lighting update as well. Honestly if I squint I could be flying the Bonanza for real, immersion level is off the charts!! For anyone else hovering over the BUY button, do it now! Cheers
  14. Just purchased, downloading now......hope it lives up to the screenshots!
  15. Nick I was referring to the post complaining that the FBW A320 was broken after latest release of MSFS
  16. If you link payware into, specifically Orbx wouldn't this cause probs when you update through Orbx Central (ie create duplicate folders). I left my payware in the community folder but used the tool for all my freeware.
  17. Wow great tool just set it up, everything much neater now thank you
  18. The problem only surfaced AFTER installing not BEFORE. Removing the official LOW folder solved the issue for me. However I am seeing some very strange lights on the approach to 08, almost like the lights are double and are high in the sky.....very weird. I wonder if this is an Asobo issue or a problem/conflict with the Orbx LOWI scenery.
  19. Anyway back on topic. I removed the LOWI folder from Official and everything back to normal. Preceding that I deleted rolling cache which didn't solve the problem.
  20. Broken Mods after update to official program is not the fault of Asobo. Its upto the Mod author to fix the mod to work with latest stable version.
  21. I'm seeing this issue, using steam version. Is best workaround delete LOWI from Official folder?
  22. Downloading this bad boy now, gonna land the Icon right in front of the opera house and have a picnic
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