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EGLC London City Crashing

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For some reason, my EGLC London City mod is causing MSFS 2020 to crash after I've selected to automatically depart from London City Airport.  It occurs with any plane, even default planes with no addon liveries.  After EGLC is selected, the system crashes when about 90% booted.  A crash also occurs when trying to land at London City airport.  When I remove the Orbx-airport-eglc-london-city folder, no crashes. I tried an uninstall and re-install, but that didn't help.  I also have your London Landmarks installed as well.


I purchased your mod through MSFS (see attached). 
My deskotp system (not Steam):
Intel I9 3.70GHZ
Adata 32GB DDR4-3000 XPG Z1 Memory              
1TB Western Digital Blue SSD SN550 PCIE NVME M.2 - Desktop System
1TB Western Digital Blue SSD SN550 PCIE NVME M.2 - Dedicated Flight Sim System
NVidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super 8GB GDDR6
Asus Z490-V ATX Motherboard
Intel WI-FI 6 AX201 2X2 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ + BT5 M.2 CNVI


I'll try removing other mods to see if I can narrow down the problem and unfortunately, I'm not sure when this problem began. I've had the London City Airport for several months and it's worked great, but not sure if this issue began after the most recent MSFS upgrade or not.


I'll ask on the FlightSimulator.com forum to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well. 


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I have the same issue on every one of the Orbx sceneries that I own.  They used to work OK, but now FS freezes then crashes to desktop every time that I fly into an Orbx scenery.  I have the latest Windows and the latest Nvidia drivers.  As I say, they used to work fine - but now having made NO changes or added ANY other programs or hardwaRE, Orbx is unusable- to the point I have had to uninstall all three of the Orbx products that I have paid for! FS works fine now I have taken off Orbx and all the freeware scenery for MS 2020 in the communities folder doesn't cause a problem.

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Hello Alan,

welcome to the forums.

Did you buy any of the Orbx products from Orbx Direct?

If you did and you want support for them, may we have a transaction number please?

If you did not, can you list the ones that you did buy that do not have a .cgl file and yet do not work.

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Hi Nick,


I purchased my Orbx thru MSFS Content Manager, and I cannot find any proof of purchase other than the oversized screenshot I previously attached showing "owned." 


I have Orbx London Landmarks, but it does not appear to have a .cgl file and it works fine.


I also have KBCE Bryce Canyon which has a .cgl file and oddly enough, it did not crash at first.  I was at the far end of the runway and decided to taxi towards the large Bryce wooden hanger.  Just as I was within 50 feet of the hanger, the system only then crashed.


As Jon Clarke above suggested, I added an "x" to the .cgl file for EGLC London City airport and the airport seemingly works fine and graphics seem to be good.


~ Frank




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If my report is of any use ... I have several Orbx airport scenery, purchased from the MSFS Content Manager. These work fine ... but this Saturday, February 13, when I approached the EGLC, the simulator stopped working. I tried again by zooming in and taking off from it and hung up again. To make a short story ... I read on the forums about disconnecting the CGL file ... I did it and the problem was over.
I was careful to look at the other sceneries: KBUR, KORS, KSBA and LONDON CITY, none of them have the CGL file ... my Fs2020 simulator works fine. I looked at the TNCM (from Awdesigns) and LSGS (from Redwing) scenaries that the EGL file has ... and they work without problems too ... I don't know why!
I hope you can solve this problem soon because it is a shame to fly with the DATA turned off ... all the fantasy is gone!
Greetings from Panama!

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Hi there i can Understand Orbx not taking responsibility for a product bought from a different provider ( Microsoft Market Place ) i am on ( XBOX SERIES X ) after being on flight simulator from word go and unfortunately i can't remove the ( CGL FILE ) so i am stuck as it allows me to join , looks fantastic like all Orbx Scenery's then goes back and reboots the whole flightsim, i wish Orbx could help us as this issue isn't being address by ASOBO as i said we can look at nothing on the XBOXES, can anyone lead me in the direction of at least me asking Microsoft to address the issue they are selling a product thats not fit for purpose and not Orbx's Fault

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