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(Expecting something about SU5 being the reason for delay…)



what follows has nothing to do with the DME.


For years FSX remained a static entity which enabled developers

to both produce work that they knew would function indefinitely and also to 

stretch the original capabilities of FSX, in the knowledge that there was a

stable and unchanging base to work from.


The first two versions of P3D were not much more than a renamed FSX but

P3D v3 caused all kinds of problems with Orbx and other developers' products

that had worked in some cases for many years. This meant that the products

had to be adapted to ensure that they continued to work.


Then P3D v4 introduced further changes and with P3D v5 came a complete

overhaul of the default airports, causing more anomalies, in particular with those

that were not previously in the default simulator or whose ICAO codes had been changed.


All these changes took place in the 15 year period from 2006 to the present day.


Now we have a new simulator that in just under 12 months has had five major updates

and more small hotfixes, as well as unannounced on-the-fly changes.


It is fine to feel free to make remarks about SU5 but please consider the new environment

that all developers are working in, where what works this month may well not work next month

and where everyone is new to the game, including the developers of the simulator itself.

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While i appreciate that, I reported this 6 months ago, a patch was being tested 3 months ago….and yet still nothing has been released. Regardless of MSFS updates, most other airports have this working fine, along with ILS’s. I don’t like to be demanding but I did pay for this product (and many other airports through Orbx) and don’t feel I am being unreasonable to expect to have this resolved by now. The pace of some updates is frustratingly glacial.

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What sometimes can be frustrating is the announcement of something what might be happening literally years later and the lack of communication. This has unfortunately been happening throughout the FS world since its existence. 

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I hear this a lot, “well it’s happened for years in FSX/P3D etc etc” it doesn’t mean it should be acceptable. Seems many are stuck in the past, almost with Stockholm Syndrome. There is a new wave of flight simmers now, MSFS is more mainstream and this isn’t really acceptable. I get the jetways and LOD issues, it took everyone by surprise but a simple DME or to realign an ILS shouldn’t take this long. Freeware devs are better than this.

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@daan_vb Are you sure that ENAL is equipped wit an ILS DME in the real world? I have extensivly searched the Internet for info about an ILS DME at the real ENAL but have only found info about an ILS but not about a DME.

That there is a DME according to Navigraph, doesn't mean that there is one in the real world.


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1 hour ago, OY-RCC said:

Reliable Information can be nicely found in the eAIP Norway. According to 2.19 Radio navigation an landing aids there seems to be an VOR DME and another DME paired with the Localizer RWY 24.

Beat me to it :)




The approach chart also makes reference to the VGR DME for the ILS



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