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  1. Thanks for the update! ... but I noticed, that the updated airport still has runway touchdown zone lights, which the real runway at ENAL does not have. Mentioned this already in another thread...
  2. Reliable Information can be nicely found in the eAIP Norway. According to 2.19 Radio navigation an landing aids there seems to be an VOR DME and another DME paired with the Localizer RWY 24.
  3. Also the real ENAL airport has no taxiway centerline lights and the runway has no touchdown zone lights according to AIP Norway
  4. First of all, thanks so much for this great ENTO scenery! Unfortunately I noticed that some taxiway signs are floating in the air and the windsocks are doubled. Some users already reported similar problems for ESMS and ENAL so I assume, the cause of these problems is the same and I just want to add the ENTO information, so that ENTO also can be solved in an update one day. Thanks a lot! :)
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