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  1. This looks really nice. But are those statics configurable? Looks like 2 out 4 airline parking spots are taken by statics…
  2. @Finni Hansen Hurrah!!! Thank you, thank you for the ENAL update!!
  3. I have just tried and yes, it works with default scenery.
  4. Thanks Marcus. Why can’t this be done in MSFS? In the Contrail app there is the Linate (LIML) scenery by Jetstream that has the option to deactivate the statics. I posted about it here: I have also come across a couple of installers that have also had this option too…
  5. Thats great news thanks @Marcus Nyberg Hope you are well. Would it be possible to tone down the amount of statics at ESGG?
  6. Agreed! I wasn't that intersted in this Mesh but the inclusion of PAJN is swaying me as it was just last night i was looking to see if there was a scenery available. I wouldn't have known unless I read the release announcement...
  7. I was also a bit confused by this. The announcement is the only place I can see that makes reference to it! A few screenshots would be nice and writing it in the purchase description.
  8. Beat me to it https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/108/2021-08-12-AIRAC/html/eAIP/EN-AD-2.ENAL-en-GB.html#ENAL-AD-2.19 The approach chart also makes reference to the VGR DME for the ILS https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/108/2021-08-12-AIRAC/graphics/226532.pdf
  9. Just flew in there for the first time in a while, I love the approach and the airport, hence my passion for this. There are also double windsocks in case anyone cares
  10. I hear this a lot, “well it’s happened for years in FSX/P3D etc etc” it doesn’t mean it should be acceptable. Seems many are stuck in the past, almost with Stockholm Syndrome. There is a new wave of flight simmers now, MSFS is more mainstream and this isn’t really acceptable. I get the jetways and LOD issues, it took everyone by surprise but a simple DME or to realign an ILS shouldn’t take this long. Freeware devs are better than this.
  11. While i appreciate that, I reported this 6 months ago, a patch was being tested 3 months ago….and yet still nothing has been released. Regardless of MSFS updates, most other airports have this working fine, along with ILS’s. I don’t like to be demanding but I did pay for this product (and many other airports through Orbx) and don’t feel I am being unreasonable to expect to have this resolved by now. The pace of some updates is frustratingly glacial.
  12. Can we expect to see this apparent patch that was being tested almost 4 months ago come to fruition or should I not hold my breath? (Expecting something about SU5 being the reason for delay…)
  13. The creator of We Love VFR has a discord, perhaps you could mention the duplicates there and see if he can exclude them for people who have the Orbx Pack. https://discord.gg/s3WRJfrf
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