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Hi and thank you for the outstanding products you guys offer to us.

I bought LOWI airport and these things have been happening for a few days. The flying lights are visible at night, not during the day. Until now it's the only place where it happens. I tried to manually download the cache around the airport and at first I had solved it but now it happened again. Anyone know a fix? Where i can report this problem?

InkedScreenshot (74)_LIgg.jpg

Screenshot (74).png

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welcome to the forums.

This was reported some short time after the release of the simulator and LOWI.

Apparently, it is a feature or bug within the simulator, I read that it can be seen elsewhere,

but as I never fly at night, I have yet to see it myself.

Along with many other things, it will be on a list of things to do for Asobo.

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In their last (or second last?) Q&A series on Youtube MS and Asobo said that they are aware of this light problem occuring at many locations in MSFS. They lengthy explained what the reason might be and they are trying to resolve the problem. I understodd that it is not possible to solve this issue for all affected regions in one shot but has to be done one by one. They are also not aware of all the affected locations. So reporting everey discovered area which suffers from these strange lights to MS/Asobo might be a good idea.


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