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  1. Hello, for the issue I´m reporting I´d like to link to the following thread: I´m experiencing these flashing squares at both ESSA and ESGG, not yet having tried the fix provided in the thread (which is for ESSA only though). ESNQ and ESMS both do not produce this kind of issue. Although ESNQ seems to have some problems with the snow piles flashing as well, but I suppose this is a different issue. Switching Dynamic Lights On or Off for the sceneries in Orbx Central does not change anything, the same effect still appears. This problem really is quite annoying as these light boxes are flashing on and off depending on the angle you have towards the light sources. Depending on the way you taxi in/out this can make for quite a big lightshow... I´ve been using P3Dv5 since release and would´ve hoped to see an official patch for both airports, but as that sadly doesn´t seem to be happening so far, I have to bring the issue back up here. A few simulator infos: Prepar3D v5.2 HF1 Enhanced Atmospherics - ON HDR & Dynamic Lighting - ON Thanks in advance for any help! Best Regards, Felix
  2. Hello, I've noticed that there are no blue taxiway edge lights at ESMS and ESGG. Are there any plans on adding those lights? I'm guessing that there are some technical limitations imposed by MSFS at play here? Best Regards Johan Nordqvist
  3. The lights on the larger roads in my Orbx England look like really large dashes. Is this correct and can I make them smaller they don't look very good in my view?
  4. Dear Captains, I hope you are all fine! I was just wondering that after a flight from PAJN to PAKT during an early morning approach (about 7.30 a.m.) there were no visible runway lights. I searched on the forum but could not find anyone having reported this issue. Runway lights are, however, visible in earlier nighttime periods. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks in advance for any kind of help. Best regards, Marco
  5. Hi Team, Please see attached link showing problem with levitating lights at LOWI. https://youtu.be/jJF-4ZZLdzc Thanks, Sorry, but created the post in the wrong place. Could you please move it on the Microsoft Flight Simulator support forum
  6. Hi and thank you for the outstanding products you guys offer to us. I bought LOWI airport and these things have been happening for a few days. The flying lights are visible at night, not during the day. Until now it's the only place where it happens. I tried to manually download the cache around the airport and at first I had solved it but now it happened again. Anyone know a fix? Where i can report this problem?
  7. Hi! So im having a bit of a problem... I was installing a new scenery yesterday (Not a Orbx scenery, MK-studios) and i think it was after this that my Orbx lights did no longer work.. I only get white road lights.. no house lights, traffic lights, blue lights etc... none of the ones you can configure in the global settings... I have tried to re-verify all Orbx sceneries, re-install and even tried re-install the P3D Scenery.msi to see if that helped but no luck... I don't know if a light setting or file in p3d got corrupted... Does anyone have any ideas? I'm using Global Base, Vector, OpenLC for EU, NA, AFR., Buildings, Trees. I have autogen settings on very high so that shouldn't be an issue as it worked fine before... Anyone know of a fix?
  8. Hello there, I`m new to this forum and to Orbx for XP11. Just bought the London City Scenery and noticed the Runway Edge lights are "under the Earth" The Light it self is weak to recognize at night. At daylight there are no Components of the Runway Edge lightning system shown. regards, Tome346
  9. Hello! As you can see in this screenshot, I have no way to "configure" the ORBX lights. Is this a known problem, and how can I solve this? - Marius Thoresen
  10. Hi, I've just noticed that KJAC seems to be missing light posts leading to floating lights at night. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling KJAC and verifying the ORBX libraries to no avail. Anything else I can try? Many thanks!
  11. Hi, Does anyone know the reason why I am not getting any runway/taxiway lights at night at NZQN? Is it an Objectflow problem?
  12. Hello, I have a desire ! Iam a P3D v4.2 user and I cant really understand why the Orbx night lighting isn´t that good like in XP11. The default lighting in XP11 is amazing and needn´t to buy something else for it. So my big wish is, that Orbx update the night lighting for P3D that it Looks like in Xplane11 ! Would it be possible for you to work on it ?
  13. I recently built a new system for Prepar3d v4 (4.2), and downloaded and installed FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global Vector and HD Trees yesterday. After installing and running the Vector Configuration Tool, I started P3D changed to night and had no 3D lights. I then downloaded the FTX Lights Configurator and selected the desired parameters, then applied to P3D. Still No 3D lights. I then updated the ORBX Libraries. Still no 3D lights. I uninstalled vector and reinstalled, ran the configuration tool and still no 3D lights. I'm out of ideas and need some assistance. I'm waiting to install the Open LC products until I get the vector 3D lights working. Thanks, Gerald Byrne FTX Global Vector Transaction ID 5abacaa779ffa
  14. Good day everyone, I have all OrBX items ( most importants ) and Global Lights. My global lights doesn't want to work, I tried to ununstall Global ORBX and Global Lights, but I didn't be able to make it working. Also, i deleted my P3D.CFG. Does someone knows ? Regards
  15. Hello, At EDHE in the GEN area one issue caught my eye: the buildings north of the airfield (German Air Force NCO Academy) are missing (in the red circle of my screenshot, see Google Maps for comparison to the screenshot). I noticed in your GEN/GES patch announcement that you were also fixing quite small details, so maybe you can include this missing detail in the next patch? It's my home airfield, so that would be great! The second point concerns the runway lighting of smaller airfields. At some airfields (e.g. EDKB, EDXF) there is no runway lighting, even though my ICAO chart says that they should be illuminated. I can't give you a full list of airfields here, but these are the first two ones where I noticed the problem. Best regards and keep up the great work, Daniel
  16. I've just bought and installed my base and vectors at P3DV4.1 but no Night lights appeared! still that blurred yellow ground at night!
  17. Dear ORBX, purchased LEBB yesterday and discovered that the taxiway edge lights on my system (P3Dv4) are displayed white instead of blue. No shader tweaks applied and default HDR settings. Would it perhaps be possible to make those lights shine with a more blueish colour? Thanks, Markus
  18. With FTX Global LC, first of all it is an absolutely excellent product, great value for money and modelled to perfection, however there is one problem. I can not see lights when at night. I have legacy lights off and no other thing like GEX or UTX installed. I am on P3D v3. I have FTX Central 2 and the 160906 update for ORBX libraries. I installed it yesterday after it scanned for newer updates however this isn't the latest version. I can not update it further as the update won't appear. With FTX Central 3 after installing it, it just gets stuck on loading everything in. The only pages I can acess are the login and setting page on FTX Central 3 so i therefore use FTX Central 2. FTX Central 3 used to work before i had to do a factory reset. I don't know why it doesn't work why and more importantly why I can't see any street lights with FTX Global
  19. Hi, I notice a couple of unresolved queries regarding runway lights at Skagit. The runway lights in P3D are small and almost impossible to see. Has there been any progress on this. Thanks in advance. Scott
  20. Hello. Im just wondering what the problem are. If im flying on the day, the streetlights dont work. There are just "black boxes". Im wondering if there is a problem with the texture/scenery, and what i could do to fix it?
  21. Using Prepar3d v3.4 Hotfix 2, and the taxiway lights are behaving quite weird. The blue lights are all gone, and the green ones seem to only be visible in a distance. Once you get closer they disappear. Also if you get a camera really close to the ground, more lights seem to appear. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ESSA only, deactivating all other custom scenery, having only ESSA and the ORBX libs at the top of the scenery list, and tried a bunch of different display settings, but nothing seems to quite do the trick. When I switched of HDR lighting, the redraw of various objects were very slow, and for a moment all the green lights showed up, until the texture for the taxiway was drawn, then they disappeared. I've attached a couple of screenshots of this. Would really appreciate any help.
  22. Hello, I currently own the following FTX Global, Europe, North America, Vector, England, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Wales, Central Rockies, Northern Cali, Northern Rockies, Pacific North West and about 6 or 7 airports. I only say that to let you know I'm a great (and very happy) customer. I just recently noticed that most, if not all of my runway lights are all hovering a several feet off of the ground in an unrealistic manner. I only just noticed because I don't fly at night as much as I fly during the day. Has anybody encountered this before?
  23. Hi All. I've often noticed that airport lights can take several seconds to render, during which the light would be replaced by unsightly black rectangles. So as a result, I've used DX10 where the black rectangles were replaced with fuzzy transparent red patches that were not so disturbing. But recently, this seems to have changed. Now poorly rendered lights are replaces by silvery white patches as shown in the screenshot. I've updated my DX10 shaders via Steve's DX10 fixer, but the problem persists. Is there any way to set this back to the way it used to be i.e. transparent red? If not, is there a way to configure lights that will change this? And if all else fails, is there a way I can switch papi lights off completely? If it's relevant, I'm using FSX Steam on Windows 10. The screenshot is Exeter airport in FTX England. Regards. Pontius.
  24. I hope this post is in the right section. ENSG Sogndal: CRASH when rolling on the lights on the centerline of runway. We have to be in the middle of the lights... For the attention of the lead developper Andreas Hegi. I do have crash detection ticked. Watch this explicit video I made to show this bug: (11:37) I have FTX Global BASE Pack v1.40 FTX Global VECTOR v1.45 EU Norway v1.15 ENSG Sogndal Haukasen airport v1.00
  25. Hello there everyone, I have a new pc arriving tomorrow which I have invested quite a large amount in! Anyway... Most of the flying I do on it through the winter will be in the dark. So I was wondering if anyone had the "ultimate" settings for the best night scenes. Is it just a case of putting the sliders as high as possible or is there a sweet spot? Thanks,
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