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  1. I have recently noticed that the Landvetter Gothenburg addon airport for MSFS is not working properly. I assume it got outdated after the Nordics world update as that update changed a lot of things inside those countries. The addon airport is working and shows up, but the vanilla airport does so as well and they overlap each other. I assume this can be easily fixed. Developer Marcus Nyberg created this addon so I'd really appreciate it if someone could contact him and tell him to patch this addon airport. I recently bought it for 17 USD through the MSFS marketplace, so I don't want to have bought something that is broken. I appreciate any help!
  2. In Windows 11, I'm unable to open Orbx Central due to a JavaScript error.
  3. As the title mentions, the taxiway at the end of the runway has lots of gaps between the ground and the wall through which you can see the pillars and water. Also, there seem to be missing ground services at the ramps (i.e. no pushback & stairs). Would appreciate and update for MSFS, thanks!
  4. Hi and thank you for the outstanding products you guys offer to us. I bought LOWI airport and these things have been happening for a few days. The flying lights are visible at night, not during the day. Until now it's the only place where it happens. I tried to manually download the cache around the airport and at first I had solved it but now it happened again. Anyone know a fix? Where i can report this problem?
  5. So I pre-ordered the MFS2020, and directly after the game launched i bought the LOWI Innsbruck DLC for 16€ and went there directly in-game after the installation finished, because from the pictures shared on the Marketplace i knew it would be my most visited Airport in the game and yeah for weeks i always start my flight from there. Everything was beautiful, the views, the ambience, literally everything was perfect. but now after the update i realized some unspoken changes happening in this airport. I noticed that the view was no longer beautiful like it used to, even the runway is broken since there is now a massive bump in the middle of the runway , my plane crashed sometimes because of it. and another problem, there is no longer pushback tracktor or tugs available on this airport. what happened here? did you guys nerfed the 16€ Airport i bought? please explain or at least fix these things. Your LOWI Innsbruck DLC supposed to be my favorite and also the best Airport in the game imo. Thanks for the supp. Best Regards, Camorra
  6. HI everyone. I have a very strange bug with my autogen default trees textures. I see them like in boxes, as you can see in the photos. Also they are not transparent at all. It happens when the vegetation bgl picks default veg_ textures. I have update my diretcx and my graphics card driver. I have fsx and there it doesnt happens to me. When there are two trees both in front you cannot see the other, and that's very awful. I hope someone could help me with this. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MGAsryxA5hu0rKFOJSQ1vZRoH8Sx-P4F?usp=sharing
  7. Finally got this software to load after 2 days of trying, seems there was something wrong with the file because once a new version of Orbx central was released, it loaded fine. Firstly, 10/10 for the scenery, it is up to the usual high standard for Orbx and is terrific for the VFR pilot, I love it. On the negative side, there is little to offer the helicopter pilot with regards to helipads. Take LA for example, the area is riddled with helipads on top of many of the high rise buildings. They have even included the max weight in pounds that building roof will support for choppers - ok, appreciate they are for emergency, but some are proper helipads. Unfortunately Orbx has not made them hard landing spots, so you just drop through them. Even a few would have been a nice touch I then moved south to San Diego, probably one of the biggest US Navy bases. But only pictures of the many ships based there...with one exception, a large aircraft carrier has been modelled, so off I go and try and land on it...nope, again, not hard deck and just fall through it. Sorry Orbx, but a missed opportunity to please the many chopper pilots out there. Please going forwards, would you consider adding helipads? Still love the scenery though and don't regret the purchase
  8. Hello, So a few weeks ago I bought some of the orbx add-ons and it worked fine (Base Pack, Vector, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD and Buildings HD). A few days ago I launched P3Dv4 as usual, but when I started the flight, I noticed a lot of textures were missing. I took these 2 screenshots 20 min ago and as you can see, even the sky seems laggy. I really have no idea what's going on, I tried reinstalling all my orbx add-ons but it didn't work Can someone help me ?
  9. Hey There, I don't know if this is a bug but I have no road textures in my FSX, I remember seeing other screenshots on the forum with wonderful asphalt textures. What's going on? Please help. I only noticed it now because I started to fly VFR. And that goes without roads unfortunately in Germany very badly. Game: FSX OrbX-Products: Vector,Global Base, Trees. All of them since a Year. Cheers Lenni!
  10. Hey guys and gals, firstly thanks for AUv2 she looks amazing. Currently reviewing it for HeliSimmer.com and I'm having some troubles around Melbourne (haven't tried anywhere else yet) and collision boxes of all buildings. Whenever I come anywhere close to a building I immediately crash, though looking at reply you can clearly see I am no where near the buildings: I've attachment my scenery list as exported from LorbySI Addon Organizer for P3D: SceneryExport.html
  11. I am under P3DV4.5 / AU V2. I have an altitude problem on YGLA. The airport is not listed in Vector. My configuration settings are those recommended by Orbx
  12. Just purchased and installed GB North and get this error when attempting to load EGPE (Inverness) Folders look fine Scenery_packs.ini looks fine Ran Verify Files, now it is downloading 10.9GB again. I will update post if problem resolved.
  13. Hi folks, hope you can help, Just purchased ORBX True Earth GB South and after ( many ) hours of downloading, installing and converting, X-plane hangs on the runway on a new flight and promptly crashes with no info. There's a strange warbling sound, nothing much else, and that's it. Gone. X-11 is up to date, all computer drivers also up to date, ORBX all up to date too. Settings at medium to avoid any CPU / GPU issues. I'm a developer for P3D / FSX looking to convert my products to X-11, so not a newbie to sims but relatively inexperienced in using X-Plane. Install has been verified and all files present. Totally lost on this one, anybody got any ideas?
  14. Connel Bridge next to OBAN airport has multi-layered roads and the traffic uses the lower one.
  15. Hello. After i updated Prepar 3d to version 4.4 and after reinstalling all ORBX products, some cenarios had a blue and pink "aura" arround some parts of the map. In the southern alaska region and St. barbara almost all airports have the problem i mentioned previously. When i updated Prepar i reinstaled the 3 files mentioned in the guide including the client. I do not know what to do to fix it. Thanks in advance. Vitor Manuel Amaral Marques
  16. Regards my fsx steam simulator presents this problem since I installed openLc, you can see the problem in the following link to Youtube
  17. Order #:5a17739cd5bec Autogen at KMCO.... bug trees on the apron and houses around the runway.
  18. I've just installed Innsbruck (I have the global scenery also) and everything is running really well apart from a strange effect that happens during daytime. I have tried different aircraft and different settings but this only goes away at night time and during dawn or dusk settings. The lines seems to start at the airport building and follow the planes about. My gaming system is a fast i5 processor, nvidia 1070 graphics and 16gb RAM. Many thanks for any help in advance. (image is attached)
  19. Hi there! Yesterday I flew BGKK-BGSF. About 12 nm east of GANGI intersection I spotted something strange, see for yourself. The approximate coordinates are N66° 52.00' W49° 14.57' I have FTX Global, Vector, Open LC Europe and Open LC NA. Greenland is included in OPEN LC NA. However, a friend of mine was flying ahead of me and spotted the same thing. He does not have OPEN LC NA, just the old Canada & Alaska, which I believe does not include Greenland. Could you have a look at it? Regards, Fabrizio
  20. Sorry if I have logged this bug in the wrong place but there is no option to log a bug for Orbx UK. I have been having lots of problems where some UK airports seem to have shear cliff faces around them - notably Biggin Hill and Manchester and others, not all airports are affected, this makes the sim unusable as on take off or approach you are presented with huge mountains!! I tried lots of things to resolve this and eventually gave up and completely uninstalled and removed all traces of my Orbx products, Base, Vectors, Euro LC and Orbx UK. I then decided to reinstall them one by one - I then checked after each install that the "cliffs" did not appear - all was well until I installed Orbx UK and the update 1.51 then the cliffs reappeared! Clearly there is a bug somewhere in Orbx UK or more likely the update. Unfortunately I did not check FSX after installing UK and before installing the update but as UK had been working fine I have to assume the update is no good. I am running FSX Steam on a new PC and it has been working fine for the last year so I would like to see this resolved. If the developers are seeing this then please check it and resolve it otherwise I would like a refund as it is making my sim unusable. If I uncheck the UK entries under the scenery library then the cliffs disappear giving another clue as to a buggy Orbx UK package or the update. The attached pics show Biggin Hill with the "cliffs" and without after unchecking the UK entries in scenery library. Dave
  21. I found some trees on the runway on EDKZ. I think this is a bug related to OpenLC Europe. When I disable the LC, the the trees are gone. I am using the products listed in my signature.
  22. Hello. Just reporting a bug I found. This may be an ORBX Libraries bug, but figured I would post here as its relating to PNW. Visited a few helipads around Ranger Creek, Washington today and discovered that the wood helipads do not have landable surfaces. -CB
  23. Hey Orbx Devs, I have a very clean p3d system. In fact a dedicated ssd for p3dv3. The only addons installed at the moment are Pilot's Global Mesh FTX edition, FTX Global, Vector, openLC_Europe and OpenLC_North America and the latest Libraries. Only non-orbx product is pmdg 777, Fs2Crew RAAS and FSUIPC and Flyinside for VR. That is it. No weather addons nor any other textures. Windows 10 Pro (non-anniversary update), no antivirus (windows defender is turned off as I said this is strictly controlled flightsim computer), UAC turned off etc. 1) I installed Global Mesh first and then global and vector. Tested everything. 2) Installed Europe LC and then 3) Installed North America LC and then latest patch to 1.15 only then 4) I installed the latest libraries. The latest libraries did the migration thing and then I look into my scenery.cfg and I notice openLC_Namerica2 is missing. I even tried to reinstall openLC NA again and even then no scenery location is added for namerica2 I am worried what else is missing? b/c the FTX Central is not reporting any errors. I know I can add the location manually, but I do not want do that - I need the software to do it. Thanks,
  24. Hi, when in the area(s) of Tokyo and Osaka my FSX:SE + PMDG 737 go haywire as can be seen on this video: https://www.twitch.tv/ton4s/v/56502596 I have FTX Global Base and Vector. After a lot of playing around I found that disabling ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ in the scenery library solves the problem. I just looked at Osaka and Tokyo. Haven't seen those problems elsewhere.... ot27182470d2b357e8b25270ac35d2e1bc
  25. Hi folks, it's my first topic, so please apologize for unknown mistakes: here the problem: I purchased the Orbx FTX_NZNI ( and the NZSI ) terrain download without problem from The Flight Sim Store zipfile unzipped new file installation done and unwrapped to FSX in FSX / ORBX / FTX_NZ there are two files missing: FTX_NZNI_07_MESH and out of FTX_NZNI_08_Custom there is the scenery folder missing I tried to overwrite the file....nothing happened now: I deleted everything ( to the bin ) and tried to reinstall everything new..... everything worked fine till the end of the installation (unwrapping and so on,....) but after finishing the installation program nothing happened: no fresh installation!!!! I downloaded from Flightsimstore everything new and tried all the way through: nothing happenes..... no files are showing up! nothing is installed..... when I unzip the folder shows OrbxFTXNZNI110 inside are these subfolders: OrbxFTXNZNI110 (exe dat), Important Read Me!, OrbxFTXNZNI110.2, OrbxFTXNZNI110.3, OrbxFTXNZNI110.4, OrbxFTXNZNI110.5, OrbxFTXNZNI110.6, OrbxFTXNZNI110.7 after the installation prozess: nothing happenes.... I only could restore the old ( uncomplete files ) from the bin and these are FTX_NZNI_05_SCENERY, FTX_NZNI_06_CVX, FTX_NZNI_08_CUSTO (without scenery subfolder) ....the FTX_NZNI_07_MESH is completely missing it seems as if somwhere there is a blocking program which prevents from new installation.... so my questions are: does anybody know this problem and can help? how can I deinstall the file FTX_NZNI completely or update the file with ALL missing subfiles.... I would appreciate your help! thanks Thom PS: my PC runs an old XP version ( runs without problems) for the FSX flightsim PS1: NZSI works without problems........ PSI2: screenshots are on GAAR2009 till 2015 and NZAR 2015 ( jazzthom)
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