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  1. I am inspired by the last post of 'wain71' for his splendid XP11 shots. By also occasionally using this sim for virtual flights, I choose the LOWI-scenery from Orbx and the MD80 from Rotate to leave a while the currently more attractive msfs and was (myself!)surprised how good also XP can produce excellent grahics of scenery and planes. Curious for XP12 too.
  2. Just got LOWI for P3D v5 and at night I get these strange bars of lighting, as you can see in the video. Have not touched files for the airport so it's a fresh install. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all Just downloaded LOWI from Orbx. I can't get any ground crew for the A32NX on any ramp. Have I done something wrong? Max
  4. Now for a little experiment: The maximum plane size to realisticly take off from Innsbruck: An A320. OK, skilled pilots can do this with a 747 as well, preferrably in yellow livery. At least it was cleaned from all the heavy dirt upon arrival. Nice terrain reminder on the ND... ... before we hop off ... ... into the Inn valley. The Zirler Berg, I have been driving some times up and down that pass. But today we just climb over it, local knowledge helps! Easily we cross Munich, ... Würzburg, ... ... and the cloud-covered center of Germany ... ... towards Hanover. Perfect summer weather (realistic, unfortunately) and an easy ILS landing. Home! After 14 months of virtual flying around the world. Now I have to look for inspiration to find potential destinations...
  5. My own footsteps: I have been to all these places before. If requested, I could look for some real life shots... Venice, with no cruiseships. A fascinating city. Getting lost in the streets is part of the pleasure. Verona is the next great city on today´s route. Not only the roman Arena (offering outstanding opera experiences), but also the charming city. Near Bardolino (cheers!) we reach the Lago di Garda and turn north, ... ... where mountains rise on both sides of the lake. To the right is Torri del Benaco, a totally charming village at the hike path on the eastern sea side. And these restaurants... The northern end of the lake sees the cities of Riva and Torbole, separated by the Monte Brione. An easy hike even in summer. Entering the alpine area in Bolzano - a great location for an airport, below. And just a short hop over the Brenner later we see the Eurpoabrücke and Innsbruck city. Fantastic scenery, in true Orbx style. With this plane even easy to land here ... ... and a nice place to park.
  6. It appears that with the Orbx KTIW scenery installed on my MSFS setup, I experience a crash to desktop when I'm in the vicinity of Innsbruck (it may happen in other areas, but since the original CTD happened when I was approaching LOWI, that's where I've done my troubleshooting). Has anyone else been having this issue, and if so is there a fix beyond removing the Tacoma scenery?
  7. Hi Team, Please see attached link showing problem with levitating lights at LOWI. https://youtu.be/jJF-4ZZLdzc Thanks, Sorry, but created the post in the wrong place. Could you please move it on the Microsoft Flight Simulator support forum
  8. EC135v5 Landing Practice At Lowi. X-Plane in VR with Rift S and Oculus mirror. streamed live with the G Force Software. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun.
  9. Hi and thank you for the outstanding products you guys offer to us. I bought LOWI airport and these things have been happening for a few days. The flying lights are visible at night, not during the day. Until now it's the only place where it happens. I tried to manually download the cache around the airport and at first I had solved it but now it happened again. Anyone know a fix? Where i can report this problem?
  10. Doing a medical flight into LOWI from Geneva. Gotta love Orbx and MSFS in 4K
  11. I haven't posted in a while mostly because I have been exploring the beautiful world of MSFS and I don't have much Orbx there yet. I LOVE MSFS! In fact, I now do all my GA flying there. The only time I fly P3dv4 anymore is to fly into or out of favorite addon airports (ex. Orbx) or to fly addon airliners. Perfect? No. Lots of room to grow? Yes! Plus it has given new life to my system. Enjoy the virtual skies!
  12. So I pre-ordered the MFS2020, and directly after the game launched i bought the LOWI Innsbruck DLC for 16€ and went there directly in-game after the installation finished, because from the pictures shared on the Marketplace i knew it would be my most visited Airport in the game and yeah for weeks i always start my flight from there. Everything was beautiful, the views, the ambience, literally everything was perfect. but now after the update i realized some unspoken changes happening in this airport. I noticed that the view was no longer beautiful like it used to, even the runway is broken since there is now a massive bump in the middle of the runway , my plane crashed sometimes because of it. and another problem, there is no longer pushback tracktor or tugs available on this airport. what happened here? did you guys nerfed the 16€ Airport i bought? please explain or at least fix these things. Your LOWI Innsbruck DLC supposed to be my favorite and also the best Airport in the game imo. Thanks for the supp. Best Regards, Camorra
  13. Hi Guys wonder if anyone can help at both LEBB and LOWI the defualt ground textures come through the scenery this is only at the airport not in the surrounding areas. Any help would be appreciated Sam
  14. Hello, I'm experiencing this weird problem with all ground textures at LOWI, any known fix for that? Thanks Florian:)
  15. Dear all, In the p3d version the mountains in the area of the Orbx scenery look far better than in MSFS2020. The mountains east of Innsbruck in the northern part of the inn valley near Schwaz are a nightmare now. Any chance to include the Mountains again within the package like before?
  16. https://i.imgur.com/3ngqsUQ.png I have only noticed it after the latest patch but there are floating light orbs all around the sky, I dont get the problem with handcrafted LOWI
  17. Low-Level Flight At LOWI With ViewTracker Demo Wonky's Blog! 112 Finding a nice little valley to follow at LOWI just at the end of the runway. Used view track works ok and you can get it from steam. Costs about £10.00 and you just need a webcam. So great to get back into the helicopter but showed how rusty I am in flat screen mode. VR on the same flight what a doddle.
  18. Hi there, I purchased EGLC and LOWI for MSFS (premium deluxe) through the Orbx website. I downloaded and installed through Orbx Central (version 4.1.22). However, I'm not able to get both sceneries to work in MSFS, as the don't show up in the simulator. Things I tried; - Installing on a different location through Orbx Central - Installing in a new library through Orbx Central - Uninstalled EGLC/LOWI, re-installed MSFS, installed EGLC/LOWI - Tried the above on different drives - Cleared temporary Orbx files in Orbx Central - Cleared backups in Orbx Central - Resync Simulator in Orbx Central - Restarted PC after every attempt Am I doing something wrong here? Regards, Camiel central.log
  19. Hi there, first of all, many thanks for bringing all the good stuff to MSFS that quick. Regarding your wonderful LOWI scenery, i did come across a few things, most of them already mentioned here somewhere: • wrong PAPI 08 • floating lights • inaccurate mesh -> eg the famous and well known “Martins Wand” • artifacts in the city one thing i haven’t seen here, is a floating windsock at LOJO, the helipad on the southern side of the Airport! again, many thanks for your nice work here! can’t wait to see what the next update holds for us! cheers, Tom
  20. Why does the airport go dark when viewing the airport from a distance but still very close? Light textures and effect goes away ...
  21. Whenever I call a fuel truck with the Airbus A320neo on LOWI - no matter which parking position - the answer is always that a fuel truck is not available. Fuel trucks were available with the original Microsoft version of the airport. At other airports - also payware such as Paderborn (EDLP) - fuel trucks are also available. Does anyone else have the problem and know a solution? greeting Michael EDDH Transaction ID 5f4cf99ea7012
  22. Bonjour, je viens de finir d’installer FS2020, j'ai acquéri il y a maintenant un petit moment cette scène que javais installée sur P3D, mais la l’installation ne marche pas sur FS2020, je ne dois pas racheter la scène juste pour FS2020 tout de même ??
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