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This Week's Meaningless Topic #5 (Oct 10)

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Hi all. I hope you are enjoying our Meaningless Topics topics. I sure am--some very interesting and inspirational stuff has been posted. But I don't want to keep us in suspense--let's get to our next unnecessary challenge.


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC:   how many Orbx Forum members does it take to change a lightbulb? (My guess is three--one to plan the flight, one to decide whether it should be done in a small prop or a large jetliner, and one to say it was easier in FSX.)

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In addition to those it'll take at least nine more:


one to say P3D is better than FSX
one to say XP is better than either one
one to say MSFS is a rip-off
one to say anything below 60 FPS is useless
one to say you need faster RAM
one to say you need a better GPU with more VRAM
one to say you need a faster CPU
one to say INTEL is better than AMD

and one to say Chevrolet is better than Ford


So now we're up to at least 12..................


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After much thought & consideration it seems  that six  Orbx personal are required,

    1 CEO to inform chairmanof impending task & to decide which bulb to change.

    2. developer to decide who is to do the job

  3. Moderator to decide what size bulb to use IE'  local size or landclass size.

 4. Administrator to make sure job is done.

 5.  Ian Emms to photo job.

 6. Nick to move it to another place.


Have a great day:D.



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