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Double Airports after moving Regions to Library


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I have recently moved my full fat regions from my HDD to a newly created library on an SSD using OrbxCentral.

Now I see certain airfields to have runway elevation problems and even double runways.

The airport selection in P3D shows two entries in some cases. 


KBVU and KDIJ also show up as 61B and U59 respectively.


What went wrong here, and how can I fix this?

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I just wonder why Central didn't pick up on that. After all one might expect that if I use the program's inbuilt capability to move installed products it should work without a hassle.

I did follow the initial problems that came up with the switch to the new program but I thought I could risk moving libraries by now, since there has been a lot of bugfixing since initial release.


So what should I look for, what steps would you guys advise me to go through to get everything into working condition?


Edit: Hold on a minute your remark did lead me into a certain direction, Nick.

I found out that it seems to be related to Prepar3d V4.5 HF2 new ways the library is read by the sim. I had some trouble with FSAerodata so I deactivated it and tried Hervé Sors' updated navdata instead. 

Your remark that KBVU and KDIJ are not how the airfields are called within the ORBX versions made me go uninstall those updates as well. And wouldn't you know, problem solved.

Or rather... found. Because not using updated Navdata within the coresim itself is not an option for me. HF2 is really becoming a pain.


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23 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


I would guess that you have files remaining in the P3D root folder and/or the files that you moved are not

referenced in the add-ons.cfg file. 

Neither KBVU nor KDIJ are in the P3D airport database except as 61B and U59


I suspect these issues are related to our last discussion and fix.

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