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  1. I'm not entirely sold. I subscribe more to the thinking that coporate design should be changed only very, very carefully. And you should never completely change the colourscheme or geometric shape of a logo. A good example of how to do it right is looking at the history of the Lufthansa or Delta Airlines Logos.
  2. X-Box Live service has gone offline at around 20:15 UTC. No one that uses the service in any form, like people who actually have an X-Box can play anything worldwide at the moment. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status And don't let the message: "We are close to resolving the issue" fool you. That has been there for 90 minutes already.
  3. As soon as Asobo opens the SDK towards terrain mesh compilation.
  4. German coverage with photogrammetry is abysmal on Bing compared to Google. Frankfurt for example is not covered in Bing, as opposed to Google. So no correct Europaturm to be had for the time being.
  5. I fully expect PILOT'S to release a version of FS GLOBAL, as soon as the SDK allows. The default mesh is so bad, even in places where it has high resolution it lacks the lower LOD layers leading to cracks and rifts in the terrain, where you can see through the world. Just like in default meshes of all previous versions of the sim.
  6. With all due respect, while I appreciate that this is a new sim and well have to learn our ways around it, I think telling people to lower their settings when you fly to an add-on airport in fair weather with no AI-Traffic in a default plane... If you would ask me to do something like this in a similar scenario in P3D i'd be starting to call you names. No. There is something not adequately adjusted in the scenery, and it is not our settings. Santa Barbara sits in a photogrammetry area as well and it has no such issues. Maybe it is the static models, maybe it is a lightsource that even gets drawn during day. All possible. But it most definately is not our systems. If it were, ohter dense areas would bring them to their knees as well. But I can fly over London for example and my PC does not even blink. Something that was impossible in P3D.
  7. I can confirm that Burbank is extremely heavy on the GPU. I fly in 1080p with a 1660TI on a Ryzen 7 3700x.I flew from Santa Barbara towards it and everything was fine until about 2 miles on final. Then the frames dropped massively. I have been using the latest NVIDIA driver from the start, and all other areas I flew in so far, no matter how dense, nothing was taxing on my system. Well except for Gayasim's Kos. That as well gives me considerable performance problems.
  8. One can clearly see that in Google Maps/Earth. https://www.google.de/maps/place/Santa+Barbara,+Kalifornien,+USA/@34.4191959,-119.8368891,27a,35y,342.92h,79.33t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80e914c76f2d83d5:0xc8d13a64d7ba7648!8m2!3d34.4208305!4d-119.6981901?hl=de Flat as a pan.
  9. Can you give me the vault code access? Asking for a friend.
  10. I also assume the reason why new sceneries will usuably be cheaper than in other sims is that there is no need to buy expensive ground imagery, which is the factor that drives up costs the most.
  11. Hello there, I noticed that after tester feedback, Asobo did indeed pay attention to correct colouring of inland water bodies. However with Orbx LOWI installed the Inn changes colour to a default blue in the vicinity of the Airport and the city itself. Outside of the scenery coverage the correct greenish colour returns. Could this be fixed in the future?
  12. We had this discussion over at AVSIM. It has little to do with taxes. In some countries it simply has to do with income it seems, like Switzerland where it is 14 CHF more expensive then it should be at current exchange rate and added swiss VAT. In Germany it is about 10€ more than it should be. I really have no clue why software companies think they can simply charge more for a digital product in a different market. At least Orbx is fair about this.
  13. I see the overall accuracy of Microsoft's custom made default Airports has not improved. They still only do half measures.
  14. I have seen the Asobo Innsbruck in one of the preview videos on YouTube. They only modeled the airport. The surroundings were left to the algorithm of Blackshark. With the Orbx version you also get a lot of custom buildings and landmarks in the actual town and arround the approach, that help you with navigation and getting a feel for the area.
  15. I knew you guys wouldn't pass on that. It is definately the smartest thing one can do with the custom library objects from all the regional packages you produced over the years.
  16. By openening it with Notepad, deleting everything in there and then saving.
  17. So to get the Etosha photoreal we need the freeware pack? Seems counterintuitive. Why not just include that in the OLC update?
  18. If we would know the extent of the work behind the scenes between Lockheed and the various companies, it would be easier to make up an opinion about it. You are certainly not wrong. The number of issues and incopatibilities is certainly not small.
  19. I noticed an elevation error in both v5 and v4. When positioning yourself a the 03 RWY, or when taxiing on to it, one suddenly does end up on a ghost runway that is floating below the scenery. I first noticed this behaviour in V5 and thought it had to do with an incompatible groundpolygon, but then I tested it in v4 and it happens there as well.
  20. Just as a pointer: I recently dabbled a bit with ADE in P3dv4 and had the same problem when adding a landclass polygon to my project. I picked the golf course and the first thing I noticed that the thumbnail in ADE was incorrect and showing some default fields instead of a golf-course. In the sim the golf course presented itself as it does above. A pit mine instead of a golf-course. So this is not restricted to P3Dv5.
  21. It was more about the documentation he was asking for.
  22. How about this: https://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html
  23. Same here. Had this happen at such remote places as Patagonia.
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