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  1. Is this only pertinent to MSFS purchased through the Microsoft Store, or through Steam also? I've been leaning towards purchasing from Steam mainly because it reportedly provides for better user control of the installation.
  2. Glad it worked. I forgot I had done a verify files of the libraries too at the same time. I have a bad habit of doing multiple fixes at a time in between testing, so when it works, I don't know fully what action fixed the issue.
  3. Just happened to me. I did s verify files on buildings HD as all I was missing was buildings, and it fixed it for me. If you do not have that product, maybe a verify files on OpenLC.
  4. Amongst being performance saving, the buildings just don't line up well at all on NCA (non-TE) landclass. That's to be expected. Maybe I missed some sort of ortho underlay, but if not, the buildings may just be better left out all together. I would certainly support the TE downtown buildings incoroorated though and a Levi Stadium.
  5. I see what disabling it did. Not only did it improve performance, but it removed all those misplaced buildings with NCA. Nice find @MDWFlyer!
  6. What does disabling the 3DM_buildings_NoCal_CABlg_1518_4424.bgl file remove out of curiosity?
  7. Z170N - Gaming 5 16GB DDR4 2400 i7-6700K 4.0GHz GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Settings are consistent with MDWFlyer Control Panel Simple textures GSE Level 2 unchecked 3D Grass unchecked Expanded DL unchecked VRAM usage with scenery 100% maxed VRAM usage without 65%
  8. I also have this going on. I do have NCA. Some of these textures though are taking a tremendous amount of time to load though too.
  9. Thank you. I don't know how the beta testing didn't reveal some degree of performance hit, even on a high end machine. At least in comparison against some of the other Orbx heavy hitters. There's something in there. Back in the old days, I think they called them memory leaks, but not sure if that has anything to do with anything. And like the OP, even when settings are disabled or during the day, performance is challenged. Maybe there is too much PBR going on? I suggest that, because by experiment, I disabled the SODE_KSJC_Jetways folder. Now, obviously I had no jetways, but I also had a marked improvement in my performance.
  10. Thanks Nick. If it helps the diagnosis at all, this seems to be one of those products stricken with the 6% terrain loading hang as well. Also, just tried at night, and the scenery is pretty much unflyable with FPS dropping down to 6-7. 10-11 during the day. 25-30 without SJC installed.
  11. @Nick Cooper How is your performance with SJC? Maybe we can include the developer to address the performance issues.
  12. @Nick Cooper I had the same issue as these posters. I was able to correct it by tweaking the airport elevation in ADE, but this is the second consecutive Orbx release that I've had elevation issues with.
  13. I have to agree on this. Performance is abysmal. I have a similar scenery library as the OP, and a decent mid-range system. I've tried to remove those items that would further tax my system with no success. I have other Orbx products that are system testers such as Orlando, Burbank, and San Diego and those all run smooth. Something in this package is just absolutely sucking the life out of the sim. This is during the day. I haven't even tried at night yet. *side note* No Levi's Stadium, Great America, or even a detailed downtown San Jose without having TE?
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