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FPS optimizing in P3DV4 4.5 with Ryzen 5 1600X and GTX1080

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I have a hardware related question. Hopefully someone can help me, since ORBX products are causing FPS decrease on my machine (especially True Earth NL).


Recently I upgraded from a GTX1060 to a GTX1080 (used). I was expecting an increase on average FPS after reading several benchmarks and forums. Within the area of Amsterdam (use of Global, Vector, Open LC EU and True Earth NL) the average FPS is 12 with lower limit of 8 and upper limit of 15. 


I have done a lot of research into software changes and mods, so the chance of software related issues is minimal (.cfg mods, Nvidia inspector, settings optimizing,). Still any recommendations are more than welcome (see attached pictures for settings in P3DV4 and attached .cfg file).


Several benchmarks indicated that it was possible to increase FPS by 33% to upgrade to the GTX1080, but I am expecting that other hardware is limiting the performances. My CPU, a Ryzen 5 1600X, is indicating an average load of 89-95% (Lasso process performance measurements), when running P3DV4 (overclocked to 3.8 stable), so I think the CPU is not the bottleneck (but maybe I am wrong). Can someone (who has way more experience) help me in searching the bottleneck? I also read that the Intel processors are better for P3DV4 performance, but I  have a AMD processor build computer (motherboard with AM4 socket).


The problem that I face right now is that I don't know how to research were my bottlenecks are and whether there is software to support me. Next to this, I don't want to spend more money without being sure there is an upgrade in FPS performance.


My systems specs:

- AMD Ryzen 5, 1600X (water cooled);

- Asrock X370 K4 gaming motherboard (can be used to upgrade to the newest AMD processor AM4 socket);

- 16 gb. Corsair LPX8 DDR4 16gb RAM 2400 MHz;

- STRIX GTX1080 DDR5 8gb.;


Best regards,






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Hi there,


I can't say AMD is the same, but with intel CPUs, to get a regular performance the minimum clock is 4.4 GHz.
To give you a little hope, running at a clock of 4.1 will give you minimal performance. But with clocks in the 3.6 to 3.9 GHz range, performance will be poor.

However, this is based on my own experience and those of my friends.


Of course, when you switch GPU you have deleted the Prepar3d.cfg file (here: ~ \ Users \ * youruser * \ Roaming \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4) and the Shader folder (here: ~ \ Users \ * youruser * \ AppData \ Local \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4).

If you did not, please can do it now that I think there will be a substantial increase in performance.


Moreover, as my experience has always been with intel CPUs, I think I can suggest nothing more.



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I agree, the CPU is the problem. You really need something in the 4.5 range. Unfortunately, in spite of the improvements LM has made to the core engine, P3D is still a single-thread application and the base FPS numbers are still determined by raw CPU speed..............Doug

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"... as I already thought, I will search for a better CPU;"


1 hour ago, Nilesair said:

@Traveller & @W2DR

"Thanks for the advice, as I already thought, I will search for a better CPU;"







Before buying another CPU, I think you could overclock the current one, how about?:huh:

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@Doug Sawatzky Thanks! Will try this. I also send you a PM (Ryzen 7 CPU use).


@Traveller I tried to overclock but I only gain max. 3850 MHz. speed and an FPS increase of 2 to 3 FPS. So my question remains; will there be a noticable FPS increase with a next gen processor, like the Ryzen 7, 3800X (a painfull 420 EUR or 470 USD!). 

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