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  1. Thanks Nick, I'm happy to "see you" again. Cheers,
  2. Hi Doc_z Sorry for my senile moment, but could I ask you how did you move the Library to another drive? Thank you in advanced...
  3. LoL! I think a little mistake, mate. The product appears in at least three currencies, including the Euro. Look: Cheers,
  4. I couldn't give my testimony: stunning video. I appreciated it a lot, buddy.
  5. Astonish shots John. I loved them all!
  6. Dramatic scene! It brings me back to those super-hyper-teaser-posters of movie scenes! Hahaha. Good Adam, very good.
  7. Quite beautiful... all of them, mate.
  8. Very, very cool that, man! I'm getting some frisson to try that simulator, too.
  9. Questo è un paio di scenari fantastici. La cura dei dettagli è squisita. Grazie per il video, amico, proprio ora ho dato un'occhiata! This is a pair of fantastic sceneries. The care for details is exquisite. Thanks for the video, buddy, just now I took a look! Cheers,
  10. Hi Sven, Very nice video. BTW, for you to get your video to appear in the post right away (not just the link ...), you need to "give" an "enter" after pasting the link. Try it next time. Cheers,
  11. Good video! I enjoyed it a lot! Cheers,
  12. My goal with P3Dv5 was to be able to operate in Greater London with a reasonable FPS. It hasn't been long yet, but it's better. The look has improved a lot. Let's wait a little longer to see ... one thing I have in mind: the new one will always be the one that the developer will fine tune.
  13. Although there is no information, I see, by the introduction of all layers, that Orbx Global Pack is now a layer. With it is basic, it should be well below. Cheers,
  14. I am aware that it is a common cliché, but ... how good it was in my childhood! Cheers,
  15. As is known, Orbx Central uses compatible data from one installation to another, saving downoad flow. That said, as you install new addons on P3Dv5, you can already uninstall from P3Dv4, as the backup was already done during installation on P3Dv5. Cheers,
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