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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, Recently got the new Orbx EGNT for Xplane11 and I'm finding that my frames seem to drop from about 60-70 to 30 when coming into the gate. There also seems to be a large bump at either end of the runway (worst on 07) making it quite difficult to landing without getting airborne again!! Is there any possible way to fix this? Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this issue. I have stutters when using London Landmarks to the point that it becomes unflyable. I have no issues with TE GB South on X-Plane, it runs butter smooth. But the topic here is MSFS. I am sending the video attached so you can see what I am experiencing. This is MSFS vanilla, with Orbx EGLC and London Landmarks, the CJ4 is used without any mods (don't mind the flying, it is just for demonstration purposes). The video is unlisted on youtube, as it is only for debugging pursposes, and not to expose the product. Time line: (The resolution used is 3440x1440p) 0:00 - London landmarks ON + EGLC ON (Medium settings), endless stutters, even when not looking at the city, impossible to land, even on Medium settings, which I find very poor. 1:42 - London landmarks OFF + EGLC ON (Ultra settings) - No stutters, smooth, I don't run the sim on ultra, this is just for demonstration purposes. 5:30 - New York, Photogrammetry ON (High-end settings) - New York was put there just for good measure, to show that the issue has something to do with Orbx objects on London Landmarks, not with the amount of details and textures. Hardware: MB: Gigabyte Aoruz Z390 Pro CPU: Core i7 9700K @4.8 GHz RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @3200 MHz GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC Ultra PSU: Corsair TM650 80+ Bronze Storage: Samsung 970 evo (Windows partition) + Samsung Evo 850 500 GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB + Sabrent M.2 1 TB (FS installed here) Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 + 4 intakes and 3 exhaust Case: Phanteks P400 Joystick: Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog + TFRP Rudder TrackHat
  3. Hello To Anyone Reading This, I have recently installed Orbx Dundee no issues with the install how ever the performance at day time when the airport flood light are off is fine but when the flood lights are on at night/ evening time the performance is awful below 15 FPS You only get a performance impact when looking at the flood lights as soon as you look away form the flood lights your fps for me at least caps back at 30 which I have it set to. Is This A Known Issue And If There is a fix please let me know, Kind regards, Lucas
  4. Hello All, I have already asked on this forum before but will do so in hope being able to fly to ESSA! Ever since I have moved over to P3D V4, I cannot fly to Arlanda simply due to the horrible stutters i get flying there. Whenever I pan around the terminal building, my GPU usage spikes, unlike in many other large airports such as Aerosoft Frankfurt or Flightbeam San Francisco. For this reason, and based on performance feedback from other users, I believe something might be wrong with my ESSA installation. Attached below is a video demonstrating my issue. (old because it is the same video as last time I posted ) I have tried changing all the settings on the control panel, including deactivating Dynamic Lighting. My Specs are as follows: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz GTX 1060 6GB 16GB RAM, P3D Folder is on an SSD. Any help would be greatly appreciated! An Orbx transaction ID: 59248fa37b747 Desktop2019.01.01-
  5. Dear, I have a hardware related question. Hopefully someone can help me, since ORBX products are causing FPS decrease on my machine (especially True Earth NL). Recently I upgraded from a GTX1060 to a GTX1080 (used). I was expecting an increase on average FPS after reading several benchmarks and forums. Within the area of Amsterdam (use of Global, Vector, Open LC EU and True Earth NL) the average FPS is 12 with lower limit of 8 and upper limit of 15. I have done a lot of research into software changes and mods, so the chance of software related issues is minimal (.cfg mods, Nvidia inspector, settings optimizing,). Still any recommendations are more than welcome (see attached pictures for settings in P3DV4 and attached .cfg file). Several benchmarks indicated that it was possible to increase FPS by 33% to upgrade to the GTX1080, but I am expecting that other hardware is limiting the performances. My CPU, a Ryzen 5 1600X, is indicating an average load of 89-95% (Lasso process performance measurements), when running P3DV4 (overclocked to 3.8 stable), so I think the CPU is not the bottleneck (but maybe I am wrong). Can someone (who has way more experience) help me in searching the bottleneck? I also read that the Intel processors are better for P3DV4 performance, but I have a AMD processor build computer (motherboard with AM4 socket). The problem that I face right now is that I don't know how to research were my bottlenecks are and whether there is software to support me. Next to this, I don't want to spend more money without being sure there is an upgrade in FPS performance. My systems specs: - AMD Ryzen 5, 1600X (water cooled); - Asrock X370 K4 gaming motherboard (can be used to upgrade to the newest AMD processor AM4 socket); - 16 gb. Corsair LPX8 DDR4 16gb RAM 2400 MHz; - STRIX GTX1080 DDR5 8gb.; Best regards, Nils Prepar3D.cfg
  6. Hi Folks regarding the future i like to buy and install few more ORBX products. Unfortunately i‘m using FSX + AccelerationP with few German Airports and Landclass Germany North and South from ORBX. In relation of all artful settings, few HP Aircrafts PMDG737 can not be used due to less VSpace. If i gonna deactivate North & South it’s gonna be flyable with less Performance. Also few ORBX Airports cannot be configured via FTX. Level/Alt Profile issue. Therefore it’s nice to get all the new ORBX Software advertising via email, if all this cannot be used. Make no sense. High Performance PC Hardware can be guaranteed. Also i know that - that this are low Information about to fix it. But by the Way, maybe there are existing standart settings for check up and proof. Otherwise it make no sense to disable already bought ORBX Software or to buy in future. Thanks, appreciate it max
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