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Found 19 results

  1. Just an FYI. I had an issues with FPS and AA after installing LFLL using Orbx Central. I edited the scenerey_packs.ini and moved the "Lyon_Roads" below the main Lyon entry and the frame rate was back to being smooth and the AA issues that I was experiencing disappeared. Anyone experiencing the same issue should change their scenery_packs.ini and see if it makes a difference. Change: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_A_LFLL_Lyon_Roads/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon/ to SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_A_LFLL_Roads/ Hope this helps.
  2. Hello everyone, To be honest I am pretty annoyed. I have done three windows reinstallations within the last 2 weeks. 2 days ago I was happy that I could finally have +35 fps, even in the FSLabs. Yesterday however I wanted to do another flight and when I dropped at a gate with the FSLabs, I suddenly got 28 fps. I know that you all will say: These are enough framerates, but that is not the thing. The problem begins when I pan the view. Either with a chaseplane preset or when I move my mouse even slightly to see the autopilot. I get such annoying stutters. And 2 days ago everything was fine. Many people said it is because of my 144Hz monitor, but I also tried with the minimum available namely 60Hz. I also did that trick with half refresh rate and stuff like that. As I said 2 days ago, everything fine. The only things I changed before the flight Yesterday, was installing a game from 2006 and installing the Aerosoft a333 and an a340 merge. Please help me. System specs: I5-9400 3.9 Ghz Gtx 1060 6gb 16 GB RAM My settings are between medium and high, but it shouldnt be a problem since it worked before with more than 35 fps. I already did the main troubleshooting things like delete shaders, p3d.cfg etc. I aprreciate any help.
  3. Hi It is a bit disappointing to have such reviews and as a result purchased Orbx Southern UK with Southampton Airport - loaded OK but on running XP11.5 OpenGl and Vulkan. I had been happily running at 35-40fps and now its dropped to 14!! For the life of me I cannot understand why... can you help please? I'm sure there is a fix simwhere... Cheers Nik
  4. I read so many nice comments about upgrading to Win 10 Pro v2004 and it's effect on P3D v4.5 that I did the upgrade. I am so disappointed and absolutely frustrated. When I loaded up P3Dv4.5 to test So far not so good. My FPS dropped down to 4.2 . I haven't been able to get them back up. It is impossible to fly at 4 FPS. My computer is not a slouch, check my signature. So I reverted back to v1909. The frame rates are still at 4.X. So then I tried reinstalling P3D v4.5. That didn't do any good either. Anyone else having this problem? I have reduced my graphics settings to default and even lower. This made no difference. At this point I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a P3D v4.5 problem. I also have FSX Steam Editions so while I had v2004 loaded I tried it and it was working as it should, frame rates normal. After I went back to v1909 I tried FSX again, still good. I desperately need some advice on how to resolve this problem. P3D v4.5 was working great before I did the Windows upgrade. I have also checked my GPU drivers and they are up to date.
  5. Hello Everyone. I'll cut to the chase. Had Idaho Falls for a while and never had any issue with it. Ever since updating to 4.4 (and now 4.5) I have been getting pretty bad frame rates at IDA. My usual FPS is 40-45 in VC and 60 outside (even at FlyTampa Vegas). At Idaho falls these values are 28-31 in vc and no more than 45 outside. It's not my rig (i7700k OC 4.9GHz Dual 1080 SLi 16 gb of ram, 500 gb ssd just for p3d). I have tried turning everything off in the ftx control panel but nothing. Even tried the stock f22 and frame rates are about the same. Thought it might have been envshade but updated to latest version, and again I am not having this issue anywhere else. Please help me... Best Regards, Alessandro Devoto
  6. Dear, I have a hardware related question. Hopefully someone can help me, since ORBX products are causing FPS decrease on my machine (especially True Earth NL). Recently I upgraded from a GTX1060 to a GTX1080 (used). I was expecting an increase on average FPS after reading several benchmarks and forums. Within the area of Amsterdam (use of Global, Vector, Open LC EU and True Earth NL) the average FPS is 12 with lower limit of 8 and upper limit of 15. I have done a lot of research into software changes and mods, so the chance of software related issues is minimal (.cfg mods, Nvidia inspector, settings optimizing,). Still any recommendations are more than welcome (see attached pictures for settings in P3DV4 and attached .cfg file). Several benchmarks indicated that it was possible to increase FPS by 33% to upgrade to the GTX1080, but I am expecting that other hardware is limiting the performances. My CPU, a Ryzen 5 1600X, is indicating an average load of 89-95% (Lasso process performance measurements), when running P3DV4 (overclocked to 3.8 stable), so I think the CPU is not the bottleneck (but maybe I am wrong). Can someone (who has way more experience) help me in searching the bottleneck? I also read that the Intel processors are better for P3DV4 performance, but I have a AMD processor build computer (motherboard with AM4 socket). The problem that I face right now is that I don't know how to research were my bottlenecks are and whether there is software to support me. Next to this, I don't want to spend more money without being sure there is an upgrade in FPS performance. My systems specs: - AMD Ryzen 5, 1600X (water cooled); - Asrock X370 K4 gaming motherboard (can be used to upgrade to the newest AMD processor AM4 socket); - 16 gb. Corsair LPX8 DDR4 16gb RAM 2400 MHz; - STRIX GTX1080 DDR5 8gb.; Best regards, Nils Prepar3D.cfg
  7. Hallo guys, can someone help me? Orbx demo product successfully installed and looks great with orbx weather in FSX SE, but in Reykjavik airport I have only 14-17 fps drops 20-average, it's not playable. I read the manual and made recommended settings, but it didn't help me. Where I can find system requirements for orbx products or how I can optimize that? Without orbx I have stable playlable fps My specs: i5 6600k 3.5Ghz,quad core gtx 970 4gb 8gb RAM HDD WD Blue 500gb windows 10 pro
  8. Hello, Steward Airport is on my top list of favorite airports from FTX but it has animated vegetations and airport's grass (3D, many). With many addons (airplanes) fps are good and acceptable but with more complex addons I noticed fps drop (some fps takes airport, some addon). Im sure (I use high SSAA) this impact has grass. In options, not many settings for this (like in many FTX addons): Any idea how to temporarily increase fps at scenery of CZST? For example removing grass (OFF)? Thanks for ideas!
  9. Hello, I found out that whenever i switch my antialiasing settings from 4xSSAA to 2xMSAA my FPS at ESSA double. I tested this at various other Aiports (FT KBOS, AS EGLL, FB KDEN, ect.) and the FPS remaind unchanged. Is there a reason why antialiasing affects Stockholm so much? Kind regards Sami
  10. Hi, I haven't yet GE.N but I read on Avsim posts about poor performace (FPS and stutter) of this Region compared to other big regions of FTX. Is it true? What are your impressions ...
  11. Hi, First of all I would like to ask for an apology if this question has been asked or answered before. I have a rig I bought in 2013 with an Intel Core i5 - 3350P CPU @ 3.10 GHZ. My graphics card is an AMD Raedeon HD7770. I am running P3Dv4 (no previous versions) and FTX Global, Open LC Europe and EU-England. Apart from that it's all default. When I ran on all default (without ORBX) I got an average of 55FPS but when I installed ORBX I got 25FPS average. Does anyone have any idea why? I have read hear and there that ORBX products are a little bit unfriendly with frame rates but is it usual to go that low? Is there anything I can do? My sliders are attatched below. I would really like to know what you all think .... any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks! Mario
  12. With a new one on the horizon what annoys you about current flight sims? For me it's autogen popup, I have tweaked my CFG till the cows come home and it's as smooth as can be but I cannot stand watching trees and buildings pop up it kills the . I don't suffer from ooms or ctds freezeups etc.
  13. FTX Norway, Airport ENVA default. At the apron terminal B and on taxiway Y near gate A4 the fps drops from 30/40 to 8/12 (setting unlimited). Is not a big issue, but is curious to me. P3Dv3.1, MJC8Q400, ASN, GSX. Kind regards and nice 2016 to all.
  14. As I have purchased almost every ORBX scenery you can see that I'm a very satisfied customer. But now I'm facing a severe problem with NCA: I installed the freshly bought NCA scenery, the NCA airports (as far as available for P3Dv3) and actual libraries, switched FTX Central to North America and fired up P3Dv3. I set the plane to KSFO (Default, not Add on) and the FPS, limited in P3D to 20, immediately dropped to 7-8. Trying to take off became a kind of slideshow with drops to 3-4 FPS. Being airborne the frames altered between 7 and12. I also got lots of 1-3 seconds long stutters every 8-12 seconds when the photoreal bay surface was loading. So I tested ORBX KSTS but got almost similar results with FPS at about 9-12. ORBX KSEZ, with good and stable FPS before NCA installation, also dropped to about 10-12 FPS. Flying NCA cross country the frames are at about 12-16. So I switched off windfarms, marinas, Oakland harbor objects, but the FPS kept as slow as before. Then I also switched off all traffic and set the P3D autogen sliders to medium values. But there was no change in FPS, even a P3D restart with the low settings didn't change anything. Shock! So I cross checked this with my PNW/PFJ/SAK/England/Wales/Norway etc. and all was well: Stable FPS at 19.9 (when set to unlimited up to 35-40), good old W52, OG39, PAEN etc. worked like a charm. Back to NCA: Same heavy loss of FPS again. But my system is high potential, with two 1TB SSDs for system and P3D, 4GHz Quadcore, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980TI AMP Extreme 6GB etc. etc. Ok, the P3D sliders are unually set to high values and my res is set to 5760x1080, but in fact the problems ONLY occur with NCA... Any help is highly appreciated :-)
  15. Now I haven't had a chance to try this myself and I'm always sceptical of 'wild' claims like this but it seems some people have seen improvements in their sims by trying this tweak: http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/1/618463738394364121/ I may try it myself later but if anyone else has any luck (or not) with this please share, Simon
  16. Hello Everyone, I am having a biggie here. In Australia my airports are not behaving well. Mostly the runways and ground texture in ORBX Melbourne and Brisbane for example are very blurry. Biggest issue is Sydney airport is non existent its all over the place some building are there some are not surroundings are a big blur nothing more. Installed Sydney X and it does not even show. Just installed FTX Lilydale and it does not work at all its not there. All this seems to have gone pear shaped after installing AU SP4 FTX but cannot be sure. I have installed global base, the whole of Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane. Also on these airports FPS is so low its unplayable often below 8 in the default Cessna. Other airports around the world are fine. Any help is much appreciated as I really want to fly in AU. Thanks in advance.
  17. Brought my new Wiz bang PC home at noon yesterday (see sig for specs). Had it connected in one hour. By 11 pm I had most of my support app files installed. Used Win7 "Ease Transfer" to port across most config. The biggest win here is that all the FSX log files were over and jumping to 1:00pm today when I ran the vanilla FSX for the first time, I saw all its old files and therefore my pilot records were there with logs back to when I first installed FSX in 2008 (900+ hrs and 1900+ landings). Very happy Jan!. Now came even more excitement, with all the scenery sliders maxed other than Autogen which I had set to very dense I set the Frame rate cap to 45 and flew at the default Friday Harbour in Washington state. Applied shift+z and there was the reason for spending around $3K - 45fps more or less rock steady. Since then I have steadily progressed installing addons like REX, FSUIPC4, FSRecorder, and Plan-G. Now Iam re-downloading OZx AU+NA to join my already amassed collection of FTX scenery/airports/others (around 80 purchased from FSS since 2008) in preparation for a massive attack on the base install. I also have UTX-Europe but will hold off on that for now (mainly because I have lost the install files). Along the way I have kept running into small obstacles with support apps or the config files missing. dotnet 3.5, adobe flash, getright downloader, Evernote, eWallet, anti-virus, snagit screen shots, Win8 applets out of date etc etc. I must say at this stage, although there is a much bigger learning curve with Win8 than its predecessors, I have got to like it very much and no issues at all so far with FSX. OZx 3.1 has nearly finished downloading, so I am back to the evening shift. more later. Cheers
  18. Hello. First off, absolutely love FTXG. I think it crushes GEX which I was using. That being said, I have a question regarding FPS with this product. I have done a COMPLETE reinstall of FSX because it got tweaked to death on my previous install. I run a lot of addons such as UT2, FS GLOBAL, REX Essentials with Overdrive, PMDG 737NGX, FS2Crew and airports and city payware addons. Now, after a clean install I decided I would build an FPS matrix to check my base line and then as I add an addon go test out the FPS performance. Everything right now in these tests are run wide open, no VSYNCing yet and no limiter on frames. It's wide open. The only tweaks I have put in my FSX.CFG is the AffinityMask=62 to take advantage of my 6 cores and HIGHMEMFIX=1. Benchmarked from my home base of KDAL in DFW, Texas. Starting at Gate 5, fair weather at 5pm CST with a Boeing 737-800 Default MS Model. BASE LINE FSX : FSX AFTER FTXG INSTALL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Virtual Cockpit: 96 : 48 Outside View: 99 : 50 Top-Down Satellite: 130 : 80 Fly-by Cinematic: 240 : 180 Now, those frames are still very respectable after installing FTXG but here is my concern. FTXG is the ONLY product I have installed so far. I still have to put PMDG 737NGX, FS GLOBAL and Ultimate Traffic 2 in there along with a slew of other products. Is it normal for FTXG to be brutal on the FPS? System Specs: ============ Intel i7 3930k 6-Core OC'd to 4.6ghz, STABLE 32gigs of G.Skill Ripsaw Ram set at 1600mhz with 9 9 9 24 timing 2 Velocipator WD Drives (OS and FSX) and one 7200 RPM WD to hold Addons and Fraps recordings ASUS GTX 770 OC2 2gig DDR5 video card on a 3x24" Monitor setup UPDATE #1: I started with the default Autogen set to Normal as recommend in the manual. I turned Autogen off completely just to test and my FPS shot up to 108 FPS in the VC. With Sparse turned on my VC FPS was 95 but soon as I go to Normal it plummets like a wingless chicken to 48 FPS.
  19. Dear All, dealing with performance issues I started to ask myself: Is it useful to have a resolution of something like 1900 x 1080 on a 26‘‘ monitor? I turned down the resolution and my impression was that it does not narrow the view if you do so. I agree that if you run a beamer or a 40’’ (or bigger) screen it might be useful to have such high resolutions. But is it useful for smaller screens? And how will a lower resolution influence the performance (fps) of the computer? Is there a linear increase of frames? Maybe someone can comment on that. What resolutions do you guys run?
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