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So what if old people can't spell..............

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R3AD 7H15. 

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Yes.  Its a different language now-a-days.   Is it the same for people, well kids, of other nationalities who speak their own language I wonder?  And I'm not talking about the strangulated English we're having to get used to now. e.g. starting every sentence with the word, 'So'.......

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Hello John,


each generation seeks to amend the language a little, as did we when we were young.

I think it is a function of the need to think that we are different to those who went before.


To choose only one tiny example, bad used to mean bad but now it means good and yet

now I am informed that "sick" and "mental" also mean good.


I think the use you describe of  "so" has travelled across the Atlantic, much like the use

of "ation" at the end of a perfectly adequate word.

For example, transportation when it means exactly the same as transport.

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Getting old.

Where did the word 'like' come from in modern usage? I can't stand it! Seems to have happened in the past five years or so.

eg. ' I'm going down the shop like. Do you want to come to like, hang out?'

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