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Tyabb error


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Just bought Tyabb and LO5  and having elevation problems with Tyabb..it seems that the runways and taxiways are elevated some seven or eight feet..I have tries what tricks I know to fix it, but to no avail.. Help please. Terry.

PS. My  last couple of purchases were not suitable for prepar3d v3.4, and I had to get refunds, but I checked before buying, and this scenery appears to be OK for purchase.

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Sorry to bump, I couldn't find any forum rules, happy to start a new topic if that's protocol.


I'm having the same issue, I was running P3D V3 (and had the same issue), but purchased and installed V4 this afternoon, uninstalled V3, installed V4 in a different dir, installed the ORBXlibs, did a quick flight, restarted the sim, then installed Tyabb through FTX V3, still having the elevation issue, I have no other addons at all, (scenery or aircraft), so none of the other helpful hints I've seen in this forum apply I don't think.


Not sure how to proceed, and I've been looking forward to flying this one since I heard it was on it's way, any advice welcome!





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On 12/20/2018 at 1:47 PM, Steely said:

managed to fix by turning off collision and crash detection, never had to do that before, but glad I did, Tyabb is amazing!

 having the same issue . will try the crash tollerance , but never had to before . I even flew from another airport to see if i could land there , NO . as close as i can get in pic


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Just installed P3D V4.4 a few days back and purchased Tyabb. I was crashing on load there and did investigate and found Ozx with YTYA files. renamed them but still crashing. There is something wrong. I will have to turn off crash detection as these other chaps have done and hopefully that will fix it but should not have to do this so something else must be stuffing up elevation.



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