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Further aviation type shots for Jack

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Beautiful photos, I love the birds.

Apart from the roo and the Crimson Rosella we get the other varieties in our garden feeding.


I took this about 2 minutes ago. Eastern Rosellas with some Crested Pigeons . Sorry for the poor quality but taken through the fly screen with my mobile. The Rosellas are very shy and usually fly away. My good cameras are well hidden away as we have had 3 break in attempts in the last 5 weeks.

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Thanks for the comments.

You are right. Very lucky to live where we do.

I think it is very important to take a break from the computer and contemplate nature. Helps re-charge the batteries and stretch the eye balls. :)


Two shots from the same day attached: Some of you will recognise Telstra Tower behind the local Canberra resident. You fly over it when you depart YSCB on Runway 30.

The second shot is a selfie of me resting looking at the Brindabella Range (Having struggled to the top of the hill). NASA's Deep Space Tracking Station is just the other side. Both items are well represented in Orbx AU. 




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