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A-26 or A-20?

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Thanks for the question Rodger.

I am not a pilot so I don't know the benefits of one over the other in RL.

However as an enthusiast I much prefer the Invader because of it's looks.

The sleeker fuselage accentuates the R-2800s which I think from memory greatly restricted the view out of the side of the cockpit.

I have been lucky enough to see one on static display at Biggin Hill many years ago and it was a beautiful sight, just a shame it wasn't flying.

It is indeed one of my favourite aircraft.


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The A-26 was the most versatile of the 2 platforms which gave it the longer operational life. 

I was a single pilot airplane that would cruise at 280+ and could go past 350 in a pinch.

It was used during WW2, Korea, Cuba, and flew with Air America in Viet Nam, ( Om Mark Conversion ) and as a Fire Bomber as late as 1971. 


I remember a pair of them taxing up to our parking ramp back in '61 to get fuel and take a rest break on their way to Florida.   I will never forget the sight of those 2 6ft pluses, blue eyed, "Cuban Nationals"  coming into the pilot's lounge for a Coke and pee while waiting for the fuel truck to finish up.  

A few days later the news was full of the Bay Of Pigs Invasion including a story about a bombing raid by a couple of A-26's by Cuban Pilots.





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In 1960 I was at Barter Island, AK (BAR Main on the DEWLINE).  Along with other employees was a cadre of USAF officers - mostly ex-combat pilots hanging in there for their twenty.  At one of our several get-togethers, one of them gave us the gen on the Invader.  he had flown the P47 and 51 during WW11 but, when recalled for Korea, was cross-trained into the B26.  Initially he was fairly bent about not getting into jets but admitted that this plane became his favorite.  No bigger thrill than diving on a target and give 'em the guns.  Like all combat flyers, he also talked with his hands and I remember the look of pure pleasure on his face. 

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