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  1. Not really.....they just change suits and march on.
  2. Define "grown ups" I'm 85 and still faithful to Santa and original Coca Cola.
  3. Amelia Earharts unsuccessful round the globe flight.....I keep having the same problem she and Fred Noonan had...….can't find Howland Island. So far I've lost 14 Beech twin birds. Wish me luck...………...
  4. Have you run the elevation correction feature in Vector ??
  5. True.....any (real)single engine prop aircraft will pull left at high power.....engine torque.
  6. Interesting how it seems to work across the range of (GTX) video cards.....My GTX 1080ti runs like a new card. (Seems to load a bit faster as well) Go Nividia !
  7. I can only say WOW! Near photoreal with standard (non true earth) ORBX software...…..Amazing thing is that my framerates jumped 50% with P3DV4.5. You gotta try this , Gents !! (441.41)
  8. For whatever it's worth......since day one of the new ORBX Central release, I have not once ever deviated from installing everything into the root folders. I have not had a single hiccup yet with anything and my P3d install runs flawlessly. Just saying, gentlemen..……………...
  9. Much safer than 50 megaton ICBMs with multiple warheads. They can make vaccinations useless...………………..
  10. Right on...... If the inventor of the spear had thought that way, we would still be using them in wars. Which would be a helluva safer situation.
  11. Latest is 11/04/2019.......Ver. 441.2. It has the sharpness capability. It really does work, particularly on global trees and the latest Orbx buildings release. Dont really know why.
  12. Don't know....but you have to be running the latest Nvidia software package to try it out. I've not noticed the option on earlier software....,.
  13. Could be UFO abductions......the aliens are fascinated with us, apparently. They've been watching us for centuries and still can't grasp how a species as primitive as ours has lasted this long. Or, possibly, we are simply a zoo for them..... maybe they simply like the entertainment.
  14. I liked Hopalong Cassidy better. Howdy Doody too....even though he wasn't a gunslinger.
  15. Do you have an overclocked CPU? Or memory O/C ? I've had that happen with V4 and reduced both a tad and it stopped doing it.
  16. My last doctor visit...... Doctor: "I have good news and bad news...... Me: "What's the good news" Doctor: "You have 24 hours to live" Me: "GOOD GRIEF.....What can the bad news be ?????" Doctor: " I should have told you yesterday"
  17. I never installed the latest hotfix. Life is much simpler that way, as is my sim system, which gives me no trouble at all.
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