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Thanks to Orbx

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Special thanks to JV and Nick and all other ORBX folk directly responsible for allowing this Old Coots' Club to continue. It's a great  bunch of Coots and a fun thread to follow. Hate to say it because of all that this statement will imply, but the Coots' Club makes my day! Thanks again!

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Getting Old Is Not Amusing

Failing eyes and fallen arches,
No more hikes and no more marches.
Taste buds dulled, my ears are muted,
Signs of age can’t be refuted.


Once I heard the bluebirds singing–
Now, instead, my ears are ringing.
Aging skin with sagging wrinkles,
Lost my sparkle, lost my twinkle.


More gray hairs and bald spots showing,
In stranger places, hairs are growing!
All the ways my body’s losing—
Getting old is not amusing.


Now I face my mirror knowing,
Youth is fleeting– Yes, it’s going!
Each new day brings creaks and twinges,
To my body’s rusty hinges.


Then there are the senior lapses,
When my brain’s mis-fired synapses,
Don’t fire at all, or fire askew.
(Who is that guy? And who are you? )


There’s no way that I can soften,
Senior moments coming often.
My body, brain and mind are losing,
Getting old is not amusing!


You may laugh while I am crying,
But you’ll see as time goes flying,
Old age creeps up unrelenting
Then it’s you who’ll be lamenting,


“Was I not young just yesterday?
Without a sign of sag or gray?”
Soon you’ll find, despite your raging.
Wrinkles, lines and signs of aging!


Then amid the ringing, buzzing,
When your brain’s misfiring, fuzzing,
When dis-functions start appearing,
(No, it’s not just sight and hearing!)

When your sprightly step is slowing
When your body parts are going
When it’s YOU who’s losing, losing,
Will you find old age amusing?


Author Unknown. But I love it, whomever wrote it..........Doug




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5 minutes ago, Pat Cox (Aussieman) said:

And isn't that the truth. And at 71 I am only a junior here but a lot of that poem applies to me.


Might even copy it and post it to my Facebook page as I have a lot of old coots and cootesses there.


Cootesses? Now you have me wondering, Aussieman. Do we have any Cootesses here on this thread? If we do, they'd probably best not reveal themselves to this bunch of uncouth ruffians.

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