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KTEX Teluride elevation problem

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Am running P3Dv4.1 and I have Global Base, Vector, North America LC, Northern and Central Rockies installed. I then installed the KTEX Teluride scenery but the airport is severly elevated in the scenery. Just the airport. I went to the Central 3 Vector control panel to see about changing the elevation, but KTEX is not is the list on the left or right side of the lists. I ran the auto config but that did not change it. How can I correct this problem?



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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to KTEX Teluride elevation problem

I just tried KTEX at 2m res, no difference.


I had problems for a while because I had an older freeware KTEX on my system.  Check for KTEX or Telluride files outside the ORBX folder, delete any that you find (except Traffic_KTEX_GA_Traffic.bgl in Scenery\World\Scenery).

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