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Elevation problem at Squamish


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Hi all,


I just bought the beautiful Squamish scenery to install in my PNW. I have a problem on the airport, where I see walls (elevated terrain) ~2-3 meters high, left and right of the runway but also on the parking area.

I figured the elevation issue is caused by my FS Global Ultimate NextGen mesh scenery. I tried the automatic vector tool but with no success. I could eliminate the problem only by deactivating FS Global mesh scenery from the scenery library.


My question is: Is there any way to make the mesh scenery compatible? Maybe some files to deactivate? I ask cause it would be annoying to have to deactivate it every time I fly to Squamish. Besides, I'm thinking maybe the mesh is creating other problems that I haven't seen yet? 


Any suggestion to make them work well together would be very much appreciated! :)




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It could be caused by having 2 copies of CYSE installed. There is an enhanced copy of CYSE within the PNW scenery folder and you have added a further more detailed addon. You could try and search for CYSE in the PNW scenery folder and turn the bgls found to .OFF

See if that works. Also ensuring that your addon CYSE is above the PNW region in the scenery library. It should already be correctly located in the scenery as Central would have installed it to where it should be placed.

I will let the Nicks of Orbx world assist further if that is not a resolution.:D

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Hello, thank you very much for your message.


I tried to both switch off CYSE .bgls in the PNW scenery folder and make sure that CYSE is above PNW, which it was. These did not solve the problem.


Because my problem is caused by FS Global Ultimate mesh, it should be something else..


Again, thank you for your reply. If Nick could assist, I would be very glad : )


I attach some screenshots, the first is using FS Global Ultimate and the second one is with it deactivated.





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1 hour ago, Smudger said:

Hello Ifikratis ,

If you have registered your FS Global Ultimate with Pilots, you are entitled to download their AFM2 RC2 from their website.

It is their version of Vector ADE, to correct airport elevations.


Thank you for the reply. I have tried that, unfortunately while it seems to fix the "walls" problem, I get a layering issue, as I lose vegetation and ground details. I attach an image:



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Hi there,


the AFM tool simply creates a local mesh plug with a linear slope in all directions around the airport area, for about 1km or so. It's "dumb" in that is has no awareness of the local terrain and the one at Squamish airport is rather complex and thus it probably can't provide a suitable solution.


Assuming you have PNW installed then you can safely deactivate the overlapping Global mesh files. The QMID7 grid cells for this area are 14x14 and 15x14, thus the Global file names are probably "DX014014.BGL" and "DX015014.BGL". Search for those files in your PILOTS' Global mesh scenery folders and then change their extension from .bgl to .off or similar.


Also see  https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/135654-tongass-fjords-and-p3d-v4-compatability/?do=findComment&comment=1281381


Cheers, Holger


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Dear Holger,


Thank you very much for your help and great support. It fixed my problem !!! : ) Thank you also for the link so I can do it in the future for other locations I may encounter elevation issues with FS Global Ultimate.


Best regards,


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