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  1. Hi, I would like to ask what is the current development and plans for the future TrueEarth products for X-Plane. I remember hearing plans to cover the US East coast as well as European Alps. Is there any latest update regarding how development is going? I ask because I haven't seen a preview of a TrueEarth product particularly for the US lately.
  2. Thank you very much Matt for taking the time to explain. I really appreciate your help. So its is fine, I will leave FS Ultimate installed as it is.
  3. Thank you Matt for the reply. I just hope that loading both mesh will not decrease performance and also as mentioned above there can be problems with Orbx scenery. I guess the best way would be to manually disable the tiles that are covered by Orbx Australia v2.
  4. Hello, I bought FS Global Ultimate 2020 for P3Dv5 and came about this thread. My question is, the FS Global Ultimate mesh is covering all Oceania, and not just Australia, thus many small islands that I'd like to have the increased mesh resolution. If I disable it as suggested here by @Holger Sandmann this means I can't have the mesh for the rest of Oceania. Is there a solution to keep best of both words? Or does Australia v2 covers all Oceania at better mesh resolution as well?
  5. Any news on that? It's been a long time. Any preview or release estimate would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, Just purchased the new EDDT scenery , however taxing to the runway 23R, right after crossing the threshold of runway 23L, the plane crashed because there was a huge trench on the ground mesh. I have Orbx Northern Germany but I see that the scenery should take care of that. Is this a bug?
  7. Hi again, My previous topic was answered not in a satisfactory way and was locked prohibiting me to reply. I would like to know if the cross-platform discount for MSFS products will expire on September 30. In such case shouldn't the expiration be announced like you did with Alesund? I would appreciate your answer as September 30 is 5 days away.
  8. Hi, I just noticed that the Alesund MSFS cross platform discount expires October 2nd. I would like to ask why this airport has a limited cross platform discount while the rest of the airports do not have an expiration. At the same time I would like to ask, will the other MSFS airports preserve this discount to the future or it also has a time limit for the other MSFS airports?
  9. Hi all, I recently bought both North and South TrueEarth California sceneries for X-plane, to complete my west coast collection of Orbx TrueEarth. While there are plenty of airports for the Washington state and a few for Oregon, I realize that except Fresno and Oceano County freeware, there are actually no more Orbx airports yet for the region. Seeing the previews for upcoming products section of the forums, I also don't see any upcoming X-Plane airport for California. We just need the P3D versions to be converted for X-Plane, that would make an awesome experience. So I would like to ask, are there any California airports in the pipeline and if so can we get an estimate of which and when we can anticipate them? I know MSFS is getting most attention now, but to me and many users ,the high fidelity of X-Plane addons can't beat MSFS. Looking forward for some news regarding this! Thanks!
  10. Thank you Nick for the reply. I will wait for the Orbx announcement then.
  11. Hi, P3Dv5 is planned to be released tomorrow and as much as I want to buy Boulder City I can't buy it if you don't let us know if it works without issues in P3Dv5. Can someone from the developers answer to that? Thanks
  12. I don't think anyone will be using P3Dv4 in a 2 months time. Nearly all scenery developers except Orbx has stated they will provide free updates, some already at launch. Given the fact that Orbx made an airport for P3Dv5 and there is also a video showing Orbx TrueEarth in P3Dv5 on YouTube, I have no reason to not pick P3Dv5. The performance benefits of DX12 are so significant to make Orbx products like TrueEarth worth buying if I can use them in P3Dv5 instead of only P3Dv4.
  13. Given the fact that the sale is still ongoing, it would be helpful to let us know what is Orbx strategy regarding the transition while the sale is still ongoing and not after P3Dv5 release. I am thinking to pick some regions but I can't do that except I know for sure that they will work perfectly in P3Dv5.
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